7 Things You Need to Know While Purchasing a Laptop

7 Things You Need to Know While Purchasing a Laptop

In the present situation of world-wide pandemic, laptops are indispensable to many professions. While it is a staple for almost all industries connected online, not everyone seeks the same computing requirements as all.

Thus, it is necessary that we pay heed to the likes of our needs and do not just purchase the first laptop the salesman pitches to us.

7 Things You Need to Pay Heed to While Purchasing a Laptop

Here are 7 things that you need to look into and consider before purchasing your laptop-:

1. Purchasing power:

While it is good to look at and study the average purchasing power of a state or country, one must always acknowledge the purchasing power his/hers. Every one has different set of budget that they follow.

A student’s might be very different and comparatively lower than a working adult’s. So, first decide on a budget that you can spend on for the laptop.

2. Performance:

As aforementioned, one should buy his/her laptop according to his/her computing needs. The technique to figure this out is to match your computing needs to the level of power you are looking for in your system.

Generally, the performance capability of a laptop depends on its

  • processor
  • RAM
  • graphics
  • storage type

3. Processor:

If you are a multi-tasker in life and need your laptop to multi-task for you, you need a laptop with the most powerful processor.

Processors determine the speed in a laptop. A powerful processor will make sure you laptop doesn’t hang when you are multi-tasking on it.

The two common processors available in the market are- Intel and AMD. Intel is said to be the most powerful processor of all.

4. Storage- Hard disk drive:

The hard disk drive is the storage unit of your laptop. It stores all the data you upload and save.

While small laptops come with 320GB storage space, big laptops come with 500GB storage space. Thus, if you are looking to store a lot of data in your laptop, you should go for the one with the most storage space.

5. Screen size:

check your screen size. These may come handy when you are purchasing online where you can’t see the laptop face front.

Your screen size depends on what you are buying the laptop for. If it is for purely entertainment purposes such as gaming, movies, etc., you would need a bigger screen size (17 inches).

If you are looking to use your laptop for surfing the net and listening to music, a small screen size would suffice. (about 14.1 inches)

6. Graphics and Design:

Apart from a powerful processor, if you are into high-tech gaming and video editing, and animations, you are going to need a top-notch graphics card/GPU.

As a buyer, if you are into aesthetic products, the design of your laptop matters. These days, everyone prefers a light weight, sleek and slim laptop.

What’s more, we all want a laptop that folds 180 or 360 degree. These things don’t really matter much to the performance of the laptop. But, they sure as hell matter to your wallet.

7. Battery and Brand:

Battery life is an essential feature that matters the most while purchasing an electronic good. One must make sure to purchase a laptop with good battery life that lasts upto 4-5 hours without charging.

Finally, The brand of your laptop matters a lot. It is advisable to always avoid brands that you haven’t heard much about. It is best to go for leading brands that are popular like HP, Dell, Asus, Apple and so on.


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