List of Mobile Exclusive Netflix Games Releasing in 2024

Here are the Netflix games you should look forward to.


Netflix announced in 2023 that it will be releasing a lot of mobile-exclusive games in 2024. A few of them have already been released but there are others which are yet to be made available to the Netflix users. Here, we have covered the mobile-exclusive Netflix games that will be released soon in 2024.

1. Katana Zero

List of Mobile Exclusive Netflix Games Releasing in 2024

Katana Zero is a mobile-exclusive Netflix game that will be released soon in 2024. An official release date for the game is not yet announced. You’ll be able to control time and wield a razor-sharp katana in Katana Zero. Take part in a furious, quick-paced battle where every second matters. Enter a stylish, ominous world that draws inspiration from neo-noir aesthetics. There is a sense of mystery and intrigue in the game’s graphics, soundtrack, and story. The unique slo-mo mechanic of the game is its central feature. During combat, time slows down, giving you more time to arrange your movements and carry out accurate strikes strategically.


2. Death’s Door

List of Mobile Exclusive Netflix Games Releasing in 2024

Death’s Door is another exciting mobile-exclusive Netflix game that was announced in 2023. The game is yet to be released and Netflix has confirmed that it will arrive in 2024. However, a concrete release date is yet to be determined. In the Death’s Door game, take a step into the feathers of a cute but determined soul-reaping crow. Even though your work is pointless, you go on a sword-slashing adventure to learn the mysteries of death after a thief takes your work. Upgrades that improve strength, dexterity, haste, and magic can be added to customize your crow. Make your little soul reaper the most proficient bird fighter possible.

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3. Hades

List of Mobile Exclusive Netflix Games Releasing in 2024

Hades is only coming for iOS users on Netflix. The game is set for release in 2024. Hades’ gameplay stays loyal to its critically acclaimed rogue-like origins when it launches on iOS via Netflix. You can anticipate responsive gameplay, furious battles, and difficult encounters—all of which are tailored for mobile devices. The touchscreen version of the user interface has been carefully modified. Handle upgrades, navigate menus with ease, and explore the game’s nuances with simple controls.

4. Braid, Anniversary Edition

List of Mobile Exclusive Netflix Games Releasing in 2024

Braid, Anniversary Edition mobile-exclusive Netflix game is releasing on April 30, 2024. The critically acclaimed puzzle platformer Braid is back, updated and rethought for contemporary hardware without sacrificing the spirit of the original. In this independent game from renowned designer Jonathan Blow, players can alter time in bizarre and unusual ways on mobile devices, PCs, and consoles. The game is exclusive to Netflix subscribers. To save a kidnapped princess, set out from a city home and solve puzzles to travel to several different worlds.

With a number of improvements and modifications that maintain the core elements of the original Braid, Anniversary Edition reimagines the game for contemporary, high-resolution hardware. These elements include enhanced sound, hand-repainted graphics, smoother animation, the flexibility to switch between the original and updated Braid at any time, and a comprehensive and in-depth developer commentary track.


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