Korean Erotic Movie List | 7 Best Korean Erotic Films to Watch Online


Korean erotic movie can make your heart race faster and engage you in a thrilling journey that you won’t be able to find solace elsewhere. The most erotic Korean movies easily beat the erotic Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Now, you must be wondering where you can watch these exciting Korean erotic movies. Well then, look no further than us cause we have found the best Korean erotic movie that you can watch online on free websites and do not need to worry about paying the subscription fee for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and other digital streaming services.

Korean Romantic Movie

7 Best Korean Erotic Movie to Watch

1- Untold Scandal


This Korean erotic movie is set in the late 1770s. However, despite being set in an old era, the film has everything that makes it one of the best Korean films ever. A lady challenges a playboy to seduce and sleep with her husband’s young virgin. The lady puts a condition that she will sleep with the playboy if he manages to fulfil the condition.

2- Happy End

Infidelity is one of the most common themes used in erotic films, and this Korean erotic movie is one of the best films to watch if you a drama between a husband and a wife. The movie follows a wife whose husband loses her job. She then has to work and become the sole breadwinner for her family. This ultimately leads her to live a life where she enters into a relationship with other men.

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3- Obsessed

This Korean erotic movie is one of the best films to watch if you love affairs. The film follows a colonel who is trapped in a loveless marriage. Then he falls in love with a woman who is already married, leading to an obsessive scandal that ruins the lives of many. If you want something that can keep you guessing for the entirety of the full-length movie, then watch this Korean erotic movie online now.

4- Scarlett Innocence

A woman is abandoned by her university professor after an affair that made her fall deeply in love with him. She waits for the perfect opportunity to take exact her revenge, and finally, her opportunity arrives 8 years later when the university professor goes blind. Will she be able to take vengeance or not forms the core of this Korean erotic movie?

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5- Secret Love

What will you do if you love someone and they end up somehow in a situation where they can’t love you anymore? This Korean erotic movie to watch online is exactly about that. The film follows a woman who becomes distraught her husband is thrown into a state of coma. Then she develops a fascination with the twin brother of her husband.

6- Green Chair

An ordinary housewife is accused of seducing a young boy. This leads to many doubts and creeping obsessive theories that completely turn the ladies’ and young boys’ lives into a bad state. It’s one of the best thrilling Korean erotic movie to watch online right now.

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7- The Servant

Last but not least on the list of best Korean erotic movie is The Servant, a film that follows a servant who falls in love with a girl whom his master also desires. The girl is in love with the servant but does not want to make it appear as if she is seeking to impress the servant’s boss.


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