Abhay Season 3 Review- Is Abhay Season 3 As Thrilling As Its Previous Seasons?


Abhay Season 3 Review- If you are an OTT series lover, then Abhay season 3 has surely been on your must-watch list. This is a thriller series that started three years back. And, its third season was released on the 8th of April, this year.

Abhay Season 3 Review
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About Abhay

If you don’t already know then Abhay is a thriller, directed by Ken Ghosh. The series follows the life of Abhay Pratap Singh, an SP who leads the Special Task Force. Here, we see how AP Abhay, played by Kunal Kemmu solves some really violent and gruesome cases. 


Furthermore, along with solving these crimes, he also has to deal with his personal battles as well. An interesting fact about Abhay is that we don’t have to guess who the killer is. It is always revealed from the very start. 

The question is how will SP Abhay catch the killer? Now along with Kunal Kemmu, other lead stars are Vijay Raaz, Asha Negi, Nidhi Singh, Divya Agarwal, Rahul Dev and many more. 

Abhay Season 3 Review

This series is known for portraying some violent scenes. But, in Abhay season 3, the level of violence is comparatively less. Moreover, in the third season, many scenes were left for the viewers to imagine as well. 

But, there is one element in this season that you will find different from the previous seasons. In this season you will see that all the eight episodes are about Abhay solving one case. 

In the previous seasons of Abhay, you can see that each episode is somewhat dedicated to one case. And this made the previous seasons in this series fast-paced and much more intriguing for the viewers. 

But, in this particular, this element is missing. Therefore, you can say that Abhay season 3 is not as fast-paced as you expect from seeing the last two seasons. So, be prepared for that. 

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Now, the third season is about a murder case where the killer is a social media influencer couple. Moreover, this couple kills their victims for fun. And it is very interesting to watch Abhay Pratap Singh solve this murder case and catch the killers. 

Furthermore, despite the season being not so fast-paced, the actors have justified their roles. So, if are a thriller fan, then you should definitely add Abhay season 3 to your list. You can watch the third season on Zee5, which was available from 8th April 2022. 


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