International Dance Day 2022: Trace the history, significance and more


International Dance Day is celebrated every year on the 29th day of April. This year too, the festival has brought dance to the forefront of the world. It is observed as a medium to promote joy and awareness. Many competitions and freeflow dancing events are organised on this day by the dancing enthusiast and institutions to celebrate the festival in its purest form.

Here’s how International Dance Day started:



UNESCO’s major partner, The Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute, was the flag-bearer for establishing the day. The Institute, known for its rich culture and constant endeavours to promote arts through various mediums, first visualised the concept of celebrating a day dedicated to dance.

The ITI declared in 1982 that April 29, from then on, would be observed as International Dance Day every year on Earth. The dance enthusiasts and people from all over the world lauded ITI’s decision and carried on the prestigious celebration for years to come. The festival is also a wake-up call to the governments and organisations that have yet to identify the impact of dance on society.

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The ITI carefully chose 29 April 2022 as the day for the dancing festival because the birthday of modern ballet’s pioneer, Jean-Georges Noverre, falls on this exact day. It aims at bringing people together irrespective of their religion, caste, class or sex.

Here’s how Twitter is celebrating the festival:

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