Top Hindi Movies Right Now


The hottest Hindi movies streaming online on various OTT platforms are a must watch for fans of Hindi cinema. These Hindi films have great storylines filled with thrill, twists, romance, betrayal and much more. The Hindi movies challenge the pre-set notions and conceptions and that makes them very special. Unlike, mainstream cinema, the Hindi movies tackle issues that will make you think and ponder upon various aspects of the Indian society. This article covers the latest Hindi movies that will make you crave for more.

Top Hindi Films


1- Girlfriend

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

Two girls share an exceptionally strong and intimate friendship as best friends. Nonetheless, when one of them develops romantic feelings for a boy, the other endeavors to drive a wedge between the two individuals. Isha Koppikar and Amrita Arora starrer Girlfriend was ahead of its time. This is definitely one of the Hindi movies of all time. A must watch for those who love Hindi films.

2- That Girl in Yellow Boots

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

Ruth’s memories of her father are faint, yet his presence remains indelible in her mind, thanks to a letter in which he implored her to search for him. Determined to find him, she travels to India, only to encounter numerous obstacles and challenges during her journey. Kalki Koechlin stars in this film that grabbed all the headlines.

3- Mr Hot Mr Kool

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

This film tests the bond of friendship. Two companions travel to a foreign country to seek employment. After securing jobs, they encounter two women and develop feelings for them. The situation becomes intricate as disagreements emerge between the friends due to misunderstandings involving the girls. The interesting premise of this movie in Hindi makes it a must watch film in 2023. This should definitely be on your watchlist.

4- Heroine

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

Mahi, a talented actress, begins to unravel as her married boyfriend hesitates to commit, citing the ongoing challenges in his life. The rejection takes a toll on her, pushing her into a state of depression and, ultimately, causing her downfall. Kareena Kapoor Khan was smokin’ hot in this Hindi film to watch online in 2023.

5- Fashion

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

In this Hindi movie, three of the most beautiful actresses from Bollywood that is Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Mughda Godse star in the leading roles. A small-town girl fulfills her dream of becoming a renowned supermodel, only to discover that the glamorous world she entered comes at a cost. The Hindi movie was a trendsetter that brought in a new era in the Indian film industry. It is definitely a must watch for those who love the fashion world.

6- Jigyaasa

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

A Hindi film inspired by true events, it chronicles the journey of an innocent girl named Jigyaasa Mathur, born into a middle-class family, with her mother, Malini Mathur, being a school teacher known for her values and emotions. Jigyaasa aspires to become a film actress, a dream her supportive mother encourages. However, Jigyaasa’s determination leads her to take extreme measures to achieve her goals. In just five years, she rises to stardom, becoming India’s highest-paid superstar. It is often said that the Hindi movie was inspired by Mallika Sherawat.

7- Zeher

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

Siddharth, a police officer on the brink of divorce, becomes involved with Anna. But when she tragically ends up dead, he uncovers a situation far more complex than he had anticipated. Serial kisser Emraan Hashmi stars in this Hindi film alongside the beautiful ladies, Shamita Shetty and Udita Goswami. It is an interesting movie that will keep you engaged and entertained. The performance of Udita Goswami elevated the sexy Hindi movie to a next level.

8- Ek Hasina Thi

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

A woman becomes enamored by a charismatic and enigmatic businessman. Their passionate romance takes a dark turn when she’s falsely implicated in his criminal activities. After serving her time in prison, she’s determined to seek justice and settle the score. Ek Hasina Thi is a thrilling Hindi movie that should be on your watchlist. This film in Hindi stars Urmila Matondkar in the leading role.

9- Miss Teacher

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

Rose Dey is a new teacher at the university. She is an attractive person. At the university, Rose meets Tanvesh, and they develop a close relationship. This is one of those Hindi movies that you will fall in love with. The dynamics between the student and teacher make this even more intriguing and entertaining. Kamalika Chanda plays the lead in this Hindi film that you can easily find online in 2023.

10- Delhi Belly

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

Tashi, Nitin, and Arup, three aspiring individuals sharing an apartment, find themselves unwittingly caught in the crosshairs of a formidable gangster after accidentally misplacing his valuable diamonds. Imran Khan starrer Delhi Belly is a Hindi movie that will stay with you for a long time. The hot and bold acts in this film make it one of the movies in Hindi to watch online.

11- Khwahish

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

Amar and Lekha, who fell in love during their college years, defy Amar’s father’s wishes and choose to marry. Just as things begin to stabilize, Lekha receives the distressing news that she has been diagnosed with leukemia. Mallika Sherawat made her debut in the Hindi film industry with this Hindi movie that shattered the stereotypes. Mallika did 17 kissing scenes in this film.

12- Fire

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

Sita and Radha, two young Indian women, find themselves in difficult situations as their husbands opt for celibacy or engage in affairs with other women, neglecting their marital bonds. In the face of a close-minded society, they forge a deep and passionate connection with each other to seek solace and understanding. Shabana Azmi stars in this Hindi movie that became a hot topic of discussion when it was released. If you are unaware about this Hindi film then you should watch it asap.

13- The Dirty Picture

Top Hindi Movies Right Now

Vidya Balan gave one of the hottest performances of her career in this Hindi movie. Leaving her village behind, Reshma sets her sights on becoming a film star in Chennai. As her career soars, she swiftly rises to fame, earning the moniker ‘Silk.’ However, the newfound success and recognition start to transform her, altering her personality and outlook on life. Emraan Hashmi, Tusshar Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah also star in this Hindi film.

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