Fukra Insaan Car Collection


Fukra Insaan, another name for Abhishek Malhan, is a well-known YouTuber, gamer, and social media figure. Following the success of his YouTube channel, Abhishek suddenly became well-known. He has over 6.6 million subscribers there and over 270 videos.

Fukra Insaan Car Collection

He mainly posts challenges, pranks, and vlogs. Malhan was born in 1997 and is a native of Delhi. Abhishek has recently been making headlines for his appearance on Big Boss OTT opposite Elvish Yadav. The 26-year-old is thought to be worth $10 million. Check out the Abhishek Malhan Car Collection now.


Fukra Insaan Car Collection

1. Jaguar F-Pace

Fukra Insaan Car Collection: Jaguar F-Pace

The Jaguar F-Pace is a unique luxury SUV that expertly combines style, power, and versatility. A powerful 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 247 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque powers this British masterpiece. The F-Pace 2.0 offers unmatched agility and control thanks to its eight-speed automated gearbox and all-wheel drive technology.

When you step inside, you’ll discover a roomy, stylish interior that exudes grandeur in every aspect. Its cutting-edge infotainment system keeps you engaged and connected while you’re driving. A wide range of safety systems are included in the F-Pace to provide you peace of mind when driving. Safety is a key priority.

The Jaguar F-Pace offers a thrilling and comfortable ride whether you’re travelling down a highway or navigating city streets.

2. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Hybrid is an attractive and economical automobile. It has a 1.5-litre petrol hybrid engine and lithium-ion battery pack that together provide 103 horsepower and 138 lb-ft of torque.

With features like regenerative braking, idle start-stop, and clever hybrid technology, the Ciaz Hybrid has outstanding fuel economy. For drivers who are concerned about the environment, the Ciaz Hybrid is a popular option thanks to its comfy interior, large cabin, and cutting-edge safety systems.

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3. Tata Harrier

The Tata Harrier is a well-liked mid-size SUV that has drawn notice for its attractive styling, powerful performance, and excellent pricing. The Harrier, a vehicle produced by the Indian carmaker Tata Motors, stands out on the road thanks to its imposing front grille, crisp lines, and modern exterior design.

The Harrier’s interior is also stunning, with a roomy, comfortable cabin with high-quality materials and contemporary features. It can comfortably seat five passengers and has plenty of legroom and headroom, making it a great option for family vacations and lengthy drives.

The Tata Harrier’s engine is a dependable 2.0-litre diesel unit that produces great performance. With either a manual or automatic gearbox mated to its engine, it offers seamless gear changes and responsive driving qualities. A secure driving experience is guaranteed by the Harrier’s modern safety systems, which include several airbags, electronic stability control, and anti-lock braking. The Tata Harrier has made a position for itself in the competitive mid-size SUV sector with its well-balanced combination of looks, performance, and safety, appealing to both urban commuters and adventure seekers alike.


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