Five TV Shows You Must Watch This Summer


Summer holidays are just around the corner. It is finally the fun time of the year when we are all
tension-free, life becomes a little slow and our kids get off from school. You don’t have to worry
about waking up at 6 am to prepare your kids for school. Instead, you can take your sweet time,
get that extra sleep and wake up fresh to reach your workplace in peace.

The only thing that you need to worry about now however is to arrange all the activities for the
kids that will keep them entertained throughout the holidays. We understand that not all of us can afford to take our kids to Disneyland, Warner Bros, or other theme parks.

summer shows

Planning a vacation abroad also seems to be a far-fetched idea for some. During such times, the
best approach is to plan entertaining movie or TV show nights that can greatly excite your kids.
Invite all their friends over, order some nice, comfort food, put on lively music, and help them
choose a show that they’ll thoroughly enjoy.

However, before you get them all overjoyed for the entertainment night, make sure that you are
signed up with a reliable internet provider like Optimum that will help you stream all these
shows smoothly without any interruptions. Optimum not only provides its users with incredible
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Once you are done signing up with an efficient internet provider, you can go ahead and enjoy all
the amazing shows that we have mentioned in this article with your kids and their besties. Enjoy!

  1. Ada Twist, Scientist

    If you are very concerned about how to keep your child entertained during the summer vacations
    while also helping them learn, then adding this show to your kid’s watch list would be a great
    idea. This show will not only arouse their interest in areas like STEM and Ada Twist but will
    also keep them entertained throughout.

The show revolves around animated scientists who efficiently use collaboration, examination,
and discovery to assist others in need, making this an incredible educational series filled with
learning, fun, and adventure.

  1. Ask the StoryBots

    This show is essentially based on a very modern educational app that responds to various kid-
    friendly queries with the assistance of StoryBots. If you really want your kids to excel while
    getting some entertainment then make sure that they watch this show at least thrice a week.
    The show very intelligently talks about the concept of research and also shows fun cameos for
    the adults from legends like Snoop Dogg, John Legends, etc. There are a total of three seasons to binge-watch on everyone’s favorite streaming platform Netflix. So add this to your list and thank us later.
  2. Just Add Magic
    This show consists of three seasons of amazing, hilarious, live-action family drama. It is
    essentially based on the famous book by Cindy Callaghan. You can easily watch this show on
    Prime Video during the summer break. The storyline isn’t very complicated.

    When a young teenage girl discovers her grandma’s cookbook in a random store room, her life
    completely turns upside down. The recipes that she picks end up producing a very magical
    effect. Overall, a very wholesome show ends up equipping the kids with good values, principles,
    and ethics.
  3. My Dad the Bounty Hunter
    This show was designed especially to celebrate fathers and the sacrifices that they make for their
    children. The series essentially has ten incredible episodes starring two amazing children who
    find out that their dad is the strongest bounty hunger in the entire galaxy. The show does show a
    little violence, but in general, the show features positive family life, unity, and above all bravery.
  4. Anne with an E
    If your kids have read the famous novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery called Anne of Green
    Gables, then we assure you that they’ll love this show. The show stars a thirteen-year-old orphan
    girl named Anne who is sent off to live with two siblings Mathew and Marilla Cuthbert. The
    show was successfully nominated for Canadian Screen Awards and has won the hearts of
    millions of people around the globe.

    Final Words
    We hope you found this article helpful. Watch all of these shows with your kids during their
    summer break and let us know what they think about them. Happy summer!

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