Father’s Day Special: 10 Lines You Frequently Hear From Your Father


Imagine planning a lunch with your father this father’s day? The heights of the awkwardness the gesture will reach will be second to none. Fathers and mothers are just on two totally different tangents. You can’t get all emotional and touchy on Father’s day. That’s just how it is. The law of nature works totally different for the fathers. So, don’t get all worked up. Calm down all the hubbub and laugh while reading the 10 lines you frequently hear from your father.

1- “Hume itni facilities milti to aaj hum pata nahi Kahan hote”

father dialogues

Indian dads and their never-ending fascination with letting their children know that they have been providing too much for them are just simply amazing. Maybe it’s their own peculiar way of motivating us to do something with our lives.

2- “Tumne abhi khaya hi kya he, Khana to hamare zamane mai milta tha bahar ka”

father dialogues

Remember when you went all excited after having the meal of your life? You went home and told your parents about it, but your father shuts you down with just one line. Ah, the good times (LOL).

3- “Tumhari mummy ne hi tumhe bigada hai”

father dialogue

Whatever you do wrong, it’s the fault of your mother. Fathers just have a way of piling the blame on your mom as well. Not that we are complaining, because our mothers take centre stage instead of us.

4- “Aage ka kya socha hai”

father dialogue

No one will think more about your future than your father. This question just keeps coming back to you no matter what you achieve in life. Father’s just know how to push their kids towards striving for something more.

5- “Hamare time mai hum 5-5 km paidal chal kar school jaate the”

father dialogue

Remember the unrealistic stories of your parents about going to their schools after crossing a thousand rivers and about a hundred mountains? Nothing can match their over-exaggeration of trivial things.

6- “Ek kaam nahi hota tumse”

fathers day special

The pressure that keeps mounting on you when your father entrusts you with something is just unrivalled. And if somehow you fail their expectations, they come up with this line to declare everything you do as rubbish.

7- “TV kyun band kar diya? Main jag raha hu”

fathers day special

Indian fathers just have something to say for every situation. Everyone must have seen their father dozing off while the news channel ran on television. However, just when you turn off the TV, they rise up to let you know that they were just resting their eyes.

8- “Jab mein is sheher mai aaya tha mere pass kuch nahi tha aur aaj dekho, padhai mai mann lagao beta”

fathers day special

Indian dads and their urge to tell their inspirational backstories to instil motivation in their children will never fade away. Urban Indian fathers are the epitome of exaggeration.

9- “Ab woh baat nahi rahi…”

fathers day special

Every father and their way of reminiscing the beauty of old times will never change. This line works with everything from food to place. For instance, “ab woh baat nhi rhi is jagah mai.”

10- “Abhi bhi time hai sudhar jaa” 

fathers day special

Well, that’s how an ultimatum is given to the kids by their fathers in India. What comes after that we don’t wanna imagine, so better reform yourself to skip the next level of warning. 


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