Amber Girls School Review: A Nostalgia Evoking Story

Amber Girls School Review

Amber Girls School
Amber Girls School Review: A Nostalgia Evoking Story

Date Created: 2024-05-01 11:58

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Amber Girls School has recently touched our screens, and it promises to leave an unforgettable impression. This young adult drama, created for Amazon miniTV, follows youngsters through their hardships and tribulations.


The series is set in the eponymous Amber Girls School and follows Ojas (played by Celesti Bairagey), a lively adolescent who aspires to be the Head Girl. Her crush adds another element of difficulty to her life. The show presents us to a slew of familiar people, each coping with their own set of challenges, including academic pressure, friendships, and teenage crushes.

What distinguishes Amber Girls School is its realistic portrayal of adolescent life. The creators, Garima Pura Patiyaalvi, Pranjali Dubey, and Swetlana, have created a story that connects with viewers. From classroom banter to late-night study sessions, the show captures the essence of adolescent life.

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Celesti Bairagey, in the starring role of Ojas, gives an outstanding performance. Her portrayal of a motivated but sensitive girl is both endearing and realistic. As viewers, we root for her as she deals with the challenges of school life.

The ensemble cast includes Adrija Sinha (Ishtaar), Ajay Madhok (Bedi Sir), Kajol Chugh (Tejas), Ishika Gagneja (Tokhi), and others. Each actor brings depth to their characters, making the school environment feel authentic and relatable.

While the show lacks the opulence of certain period dramas, it makes up for it with meticulous attention to detail. The school corridors, classrooms, and bustling cafeteria provide a familiar setting. The directing keeps the pacing interesting, ensuring that viewers stay immersed in the characters’ stories.

Amber Girls School is a great series for anyone who like coming-of-age stories. It reminds us of our own adolescent years, including the awkwardness, dreams, and friendships that shaped us. This series is a must-watch because of its engaging story and likable characters.


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