Current Stats and News, 18+ Individuals to Get Walk In Registrations For Vaccination


The total number of cases in the country is at 2.96 crores with the addition of recent numbers from the past few days.

We can definitely say that the numbers are dropping and there’s a downward dip in the overall stats. But the positivity rate is still below 05 from the last 09 days. The last recorded rate was 3.22 percent.


Moreover,  if we’re talking about the last 24 hours then we’ve recorded 62,224 new cases in the country with the death rate going upwards at 3,79,573 deaths including the fresh count of 2,542.

The conditions could not be called good but they are better than before when the second wave was in full swing in the country.

Apart from this, if you’re an individual of 18+ age then you’re applicable for free walk-in registration at the vaccination centers. Meaning that you won’t require to get registered on the Cowin platform prior to getting your shot.

This action has been taken in light of the fact that the rest of the citizens are hesitant or are not strongly technology friendly to get themselves vaccinated.

Giving on-the-spot registrations will negate one of the problems and more people would come to the centers to get vaccinated.

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We’ve seen a huge dip in the numbers of people arriving at the vaccination centers due to fear of misinformation. Which is causing us to lag behind in the vaccination drive.

This would only result in us ending up way too behind as compared to the countries that have the vaccination in terms of resuming our pre-pandemic life.

So, if you haven’t got vaccinated or know someone of the same kind then it’s your responsibility that you give it a little push and enter through the doors of your nearest vaccination center.

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