Easy Way To Shift WhatsApp Data From iPhone To Android


If you’re an iPhone user, then you know that it’s hard to switch to Android and especially your WhatsApp data. The reason being that half your things won’t work in there.

Some of the most used apps, such as WhatsApp doesn’t allow transferring complete database from iPhone to Android platform. But not anymore, want to know how to continue with the article if you want to know.

WhatsApp Data

Samsung is bringing forward a possible way for its users to have Android 10 and a higher operating system. Using the Samsung’s Connect app, you can quickly transfer the data from iPhone to a Samsung Android phone, having the capabilities for the same.

Currently, only a handful of devices have this functionality, but soon, more will be added to the list as claimed by Samsung.

Moreover, you do not need an active internet connection or any such thing to operate this functionality. All you need is a USB Type C to Lightning Port cable, which will help you transfer all the data you want.

WhatsApp fully validates this exclusive transfer mechanism, and the complete guide has been documented on WhatsApp’s website. You can take a look at the same by clicking here.

This option is usually for the users who do not go along the Apple’s environment and want to opt out to Android. But having the data from WhatsApp is essential for them too because starting from your personal life to a professional, everything is much dependent on WhatsApp nowadays.

Apart from that, WhatsApp will soon deliver some new upgraded features entirely in talks, such as the Parallel WhatsApp login to two simetenous devices. We’ve been waiting for this one for quite a long time, and as per the news, this one is quite close enough to be realised.


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