Don’t Feel Like Exercising? Try These Things and You’ll Awaken The Beast Inside


How many have thought of exercising, but ended up not following up? Or times when you did follow the exercise schedule but couldn’t keep up after a few days? 

It had happened to everybody, right? We are all struggling with the same problem. 

Exercise Regularly
Exercise Regularly

Now, we all know how exercising will benefit us. It will improve our physical and mental health. Through exercising we can sleep better, we can deal with problems like stress, depression and even anxiety. 

But, many times even though we want to continue with our daily exercise, because for many reasons it can’t be possible sometimes. 

Why Is Exercising Necessary?

We all have a busy schedule to keep up with every day. So, even though we want to exercise, sometimes we don’t have the time.

Owing to our busy schedules, most of us don’t get the time to exercise in the morning. And if you think of exercising in the evening, you get so mentally tired by them, that you simply drop the plan. 

But, exercising is really necessary, especially when you have such a hectic lifestyle. This is because exercising helps reduce stress. It improves your mental health, boosts self-confidence and of course improves your physical health as well. 

Try These Things Before You Start Exercising

Now, if you are determined to start exercising, but don’t really know how here are a few things that will surely help you. 


Before you start exercising or following up heavy exercise schedules, try to warm up first. 

Now, this means a few days before you exercise, do a few stretches or some simple exercise. 

This will not only help you adjust timings according to your schedule but will also let your body get used to exercising. For instance, if you are thinking of running continuously. Go for a walk for a few days. 


As important as a warm-up is before exercise, cool-down is equally important. After your workout sessions, you need to take a few minutes to cool down.

Now, what can do about this? If you are have gone for a run after you are done, walk or jog for a few minutes. 

When you do some heavy exercise, your heart rate increases tremendously. So it is important to bring your heart rate to normal slowly. 

So, after you’ve completed your lapse, walking or jogging for a few minutes will slowly bring your heart rate to normal. 

Drink Lots Of Water

One of the very important facts you need to keep in mind is drinking lots of water is equally necessary. If you just continue exercising but don’t hydrate yourself, you will not be rewarded. 

Your body will show you the best results when it is hydrated properly. If you are exerting yourself, but are not staying hydrated, it is of no use. 

Moreover, you can even face serious health issues if you do this, especially during summer. Therefore, staying hydrated is a very important step. 

Don’t Exert Yourself

The exercise shows the best results when done according to your needs and body. Now think, you have an exam for which you haven’t studied at all. 

You haven’t studied the whole year, but you expect to top the class by just studying the night before. Is this possible? 

No, right? Similarly, many people think that if they exercise a lot for a few days, they will become fit. But do you know what will happen?

These people will hurt themselves. You should always start slowly and always keep in mind your body’s needs and your capabilities. Or else, you will seriously hurt yourself. 

Reward Yourself

Of course, you should not be harsh on yourself. This way you will only suffer during the process. Instead what you can do is reward yourself. 

When you take each step towards your goal, do something that you love. This way will stay motivated to continue further as well. Not only this, but exercising will not seem like work for you then. 

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Choose An Activity Of Your Choice

Now, when we say exercising it doesn’t always mean heavy workout sessions. You should always think of what will suit your body and your schedule the best. 

For example, there are people who can not do heavy exercise, so what they do is yoga. Some people find yoga boring, so they do Zumba activities. 

Similarly think of what activity suits you best, and what will make you happy. After all, working out is not just for your physical health, but your mental health as well. 

Therefore, when you think of working out, don’t think too much. Do what will make you happy and fit. Most importantly, don’t over-exert yourself. 

You want to stay healthy, not add to the list of works that you need to finish just for the sake, right? So, stay healthy and happy. 


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