Reliance BP Mobility Limited Announces EV Commitment in Partnership with Swiggy


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Reliance BP Mobility announced in a recent press release that they had signed an agreement with Swiggy. This press release is detailed and entails a lot of Reliance BP Mobility’s aim for environmental care.

What the Agreement Entails 

The agreement that Reliance BP Mobility and Swiggy have signed will help accelerate and fast-track the adoption and usage of Electric Vehicles (EV). It is for the promotion of the usage of electric 2-wheeled vehicles for food delivery purposes.

Reliance BP Mobility

To help this cause and for energy infrastructure support, they will actively use RBML’s ‘Jio-bp battery swapping stations.

 Over the next 5 years, Jio-bp is determined to set up a vast and distributed network consisting of thousands of battery swap stations at as many of its retail outlets as possible.

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Benefits of the Agreement

It goes without saying that this agreement is great as a solution for pollution and other environment-related problems caused by vehicles. This is more amazing because two of India’s leading companies have tied up to help the environment.

The press release clearly states how they aim to execute the plan too:

“This partnership between two leading industry players aims to synergize their strengths of scale, reach, and technology in creating a greener and cost-effective solution for delivery fleets through innovative business models. RBML will set up Jio-bp battery swapping stations at various locations assisted by Swiggy and provide all required technical assistance and training to Swiggy delivery partners and designated Swiggy staff related to battery swapping.”

Statements Made 

Chief Executive Officer – Reliance BP Mobility Limited, Mr. Harish C. Mehta:

“With an objective to support the Government of India’s vision of electric mobility, RBML has forayed into e-mobility services and is committed to creating an ecosystem which will help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the country. Our collaboration with Swiggy has the potential to bring disruption and increase EV adoption among delivery and transportation companies in the country. We are confident Swiggy and their delivery partners will immensely benefit from our widespread network of battery swap stations.”

Chief Executive Officer – Swiggy, Mr. Sriharsha Majety:

“Business growth should go hand-in-hand with the interests of its stakeholders, the welfare of the community, and minimizing the impact on the environment. Swiggy’s fleet delivers millions of orders each month, with our partners traveling an average of 80- 100kms daily. As we continue to provide our consumers with greater convenience, we are also mindful of the environmental impact of our operations. We are taking the necessary steps to make our journey more sustainable. Transitioning to EVs is an important step in this direction. It will have a positive impact not only on the environment but also empower our delivery partners to earn more.”

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We can conclude that there is a lot to look forward to and a lot to gain from this agreement. Stay tuned for more!


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