How to Get Discovery Plus Subscription for Free? Here are the Best Tips and Tricks


Popular streaming service Discovery Plus is owned by Discovery. Discovery’s service focuses on real-world documentaries from its main channel brands’ library. On March 23rd, Discovery Plus made its debut in India. Since then, people have been searching for free Disney Plus subscription tips and tricks.

Discovery Plus is the only video streaming service that consistently introduces new ideas and airs unique specials when it comes to reality TV series, documentaries, unsolved history, food, restaurant rivals, science, wildlife, and other programming. This article about Discovery Plus subscription free accounts will make it easy for you to access Discovery Plus premium for free by avoiding the $6.99 annual fee. Continue reading, and at the end, acquire yourself a Discovery Plus Subscription for free.


Features of the Discovery Plus App

How to Get Discovery Plus Subscription for Free

This service is offered both online and through an app. The user interface is the same for both, and if you prefer to use Discovery Plus comfortably, the Discovery Plus app has the features listed below. Take a quick look at it.

  • The software is really small, and the content loads very quickly.
  • Watch your favourite shows on as many as two devices.
  • To locate your titles and superstars quickly, use voice search.
  • With just one WhatsApp button click, you may send your friend your favourite content.
  • It’s simple to navigate between pages.

Discovery Plus Plans In India

Discovery Plus currently offers 2 premium plans in India. Discovery Plus subscription users in India can access exclusive material, premium programming, and ad-free services by paying Rs 199 for a single month or Rs 399 for a full year. Read the article below if you don’t want to pay for Discovery Plus Premium.

How to Get Discovery Plus Subscription for Free?

1. Through Telegram Channels

Get Discovery Plus Subscription for Free through telegram channel

This technique relies on the channels you visit, making it almost luck-based to receive a free premium subscription to Discovery Plus. Free Discovery Plus subscription coupon codes are frequently posted on numerous Telegram channels.

You can locate these channels and subscribe to receive the codes. By chance, if you have one, go to Discovery Plus and select Apply Discovery plus voucher. Enjoy the advantage for a period of one to twelve months if it is valid.

The greatest trick is to log in to Discovery Plus using one of the free accounts for Discovery Plus premium if you didn’t find these other methods to access Discovery Plus subscription beneficial.

2. How To Get Free Discovery Plus Premium By Using TimesPrime?

Get Discovery Plus Subscription for Free through times now

This Offer is open to all TimesPrime customers. You may acquire a TimesPrime Discovery Plus Subscription for Free by following the instructions below.

  1. You need to log into your TimesPrime account first.
  2. Visit the TPXclusive section of TimesPrime.
  3. Next, look for the banner that says “Get 3 Months of Discovery Plus Subscription” and click on it. After selecting Generate Coupon, a coupon will be created.
  4. Next, select the Take me to Discovery Plus option to be sent to the Discovery+ website.
  5. Click Redeem Voucher here, which may be found at the top left of the page.
  6. Afterwards, sign in to your Discovery Plus Account.
  7. Insert the promotional code that was sent to your TimesPrime account.
  8. At last, you’ve finished and can enjoy a free three-month premium subscription to Discovery Plus.

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3. By Using Flipkart SuperCoins

Get Discovery Plus Subscription for Free through super coins

Are you shocked? Using Flipkart SuperCoins In addition to being an online retailer, Flipkart also offers consumers a variety of bonuses when they have enough SuperCoins, which are added to the account following a successful purchase delivery. On Discovery+, however, there is no specific deal.

Here, the trick is to pay 400 SuperCoins to receive a 12-month membership to TimesPrime. After choosing TimesPrime on Flipkart, click the Discovery+ banner to generate a coupon for a free 3-month membership.

If it is created, click “Take me to Discovery Plus” to be redirected to Discovery Plus. To finally enjoy the benefits for three months, click Redeem Discovery plus voucher and go into your Discovery Plus account.

Take daily quizzes to earn up to 40–50 SuperCoins for free if you don’t have enough to sign up for TimesPrime membership.


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