Three Lakh New Jobs To Be Generated Courtesy of Amazon and Flipkart

Amazon and flipkart

Diwali and a bunch of festive are almost here and so is the Amazon and Flipkart big discounted sales. They have been looked forward to by many individuals all around the year as people get very good offered during these sales.

But not only individuals but these e-commerce giants also look forward to these sales due to the reason that more than 60% of their total revenue comes from these sales only. Which makes these discounted sales a point of interest for both the consumers and the companies.

Amazon and flipkart

The pandemic has accelerated the margins and this time it’s expected that the sales would touch a total of 7 Billion in gross merchandise value (GMV).

The per-day value for the sale on a normal day has also risen from 3.1 Million a day to 5.1 Million a day, which is a significantly huge number.

The total shipments that are initiated each day also rose from 12 Million to 22 million currently as compared to the last year during the time of these discounted sales.

This is all a virtue of the COVID-19 effect where people cannot go out of their homes and have turned to these e-commerce stores even for something as small as a toothbrush, which comes under essential items.

All this data has been gathered and published by a consulting firm called Redseer. And along with all this, they have also predicted that there will be a creation of more than 3 Lakh jobs from these sales.

The reason being that these companies might not want to missout on any potential opportunity. And for that, they are currently strengthening their facilities by investing in a warehouse, storage units, and delivery mechanisms. Which in turn will lead to the creation of more jobs. And is a good sign for the economy which is experiencing a downfall.

“E-commerce logistics will have to cater to the changing expectations of the customer. On one end, metro shoppers don’t mind paying premiums for quicker deliveries; while value shoppers in Tier 1 cities focus on good deals and are ready to wait an extra day or two for fulfilments. Hence, e-commerce firms through third-party logistics partners will have to balance these expectations, while running trials for hyperlocal deliveries,” said Mrigank Gutgutia, director, e-commerce at RedSeer consulting.

A total of 50 Million shoppers are expected to come up during the Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale event and Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sales. And handling such large sales needs some preparation.

Flipkart has announced that they’ll be hiring a total of 70,000+ new employees for the smooth functioning of their sales mechanism. It is to be noted that their sale might go live in October sometime.

And that they are also investing in their other platform which deals with wholesale items and is called Flipkart Wholesale. Which is currently offering a full month of discount on fashion products and appeal items.

Amazon is also not behind in any manner and they have opened up about 200 new delivery stations so that the deliveries might run off smoothly.

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