China’s Nasal Spray COVID-19 Vaccine To Start Phase 1 Trials In November

Nasal Spray Vaccine

China who is the epicenter of the whole Coronavirus pandemic gave approval to a Nasal Spray COVID-19 Vaccine for Phase 1 trials. The trials will start will soon start in November and will be done with the help of 100 Participants.

It’s expected that the Phase 3 trials for the same vaccine will take up to a year and that it’ll at least take that much time for the Nasal Spray Vaccine.

Nasal Spray Vaccine

Now, the way this new kind of vaccine works is that it stimulates the natural infection pathway of respiratory viruses to activate the immune response.

Now, this is not the only kind of vaccine that China is working upon and there are a total of 4 types of vaccines that are in production currently. These vaccine types are as follows:

  1. Inactivated vaccines
  2. Adenoviral vector-based vaccines
  3. DNA and mRNA vaccines.
  4. Nasal Spray Vaccines.

Now, the Nasal Spray vaccine is one it’s kind and that’s why it’s in the limelight and we’re discussing that.

But if that is to be ignored for a moment then Inactivated Vaccines is the one which is expected to be the first one to be ready by the labs and also for the distribution as well.

The Nasal Spray vaccine is something new and its the only one of its type to be approved by China’s National Medical Products Administration amongst a full array of similar ideas.

For making this medicine idea into a reality, Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland have collaborated and it involves researchers from the University of Hong Kong, Xiamen University, and Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy.

The biggest plus side of the Nasal Spray Vaccine is that it can be easily administered, stores, and made available to a large audience due to the fact that it can be much easily prepared.

Talking about the fact that, if this new kind of vaccine would be coming along with some kind of side effects. The immunologist negated this and said that the only possibility for any kind of side effects would be causing a breathing disorder if possible such as asthma and shortness of breath.

Apart from this China is also developing an emergency vaccine that gets fast-paced approvals and every other liberty at hand. And it’s being prepared by some of the selected domestic companies only. It’s for the cause that if a sudden outbreak happens, then they should be having something to fight with.

“We’ve drawn up a series of plan packages, including medical consent forms, side-effects monitoring plans, rescue plans, compensation plans, to make sure the emergency use is well regulated and monitored,” Zheng Zhongwei, head of China’s coronavirus vaccine development commented on the matter.

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