Challengers Review: A Rollercoaster of Love, Rivalry & Redemption

Challengers Review

Challengers Review: A Rollercoaster of Love, Rivalry & Redemption

Date Created: 2024-04-29 09:35

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Luca Guadagnino’s latest film, Challengers, is an exciting blend of tennis, passion, and secrets. Set against the backdrop of the high-stakes tennis world, this film takes us on a wild ride through love triangles, ambition, and the thrill of competition.


Tashi (played by Zendaya), a former tennis prodigy, now manages her husband Art (Mike Faist), a dominant force in male tennis. Art is experiencing an existential crisis, so Tashi devises a plan: enter a low-level championship match to reignite his passion. However, there is more to this match than meets the eye. Patrick (Josh O’Connor), Art’s former best friend and scruffy hustler, is also involved. Their complicated history is told through a series of electrifying flashbacks that reveal desire, betrayal, and unspoken connections.

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Reasons to Watch Challengers

  • Zendaya’s Performance: She lends depth and vulnerability to Tashi, a character torn between loyalty and desire.
  • Tennis as Metaphor: The tennis court becomes a battleground for emotions, with each shot reflecting the characters’ inner struggles.
  • The extended flashback scenes are stunning—sensual, raw, and unapologetic.
  • Humour and self-awareness: Challengers does not take itself too seriously. It celebrates its absurdity, making it even more enjoyable.

Reasons for Skipping Challengers

  • Pacing: At times, the film’s tempo feels like a five-set match. Some scenes could have been trimmed.
  • Character Motivations: While we get a glimpse into Tashi’s mind, Patrick’s and Art’s remain enigmatic. Their feral connection defies simple explanation.


Challengers is a thrilling story of love, rivalry, and redemption. It delivers zinging dialogue rallies, but beware—the ending may make you question the rules of both tennis and life. Whether you’re a tennis fan or just looking for a compelling drama, this film delivers!


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