Black Pepper- Everything You Need To Know About It

Black Pepper- Everything You Need To Know
Black Pepper- Everything You Need To Know

Black pepper is an ingredient that does not need much introduction. We all consume this spice at least once a day, right? 

If you add this spice to your food, then the taste of the food enhances drastically. Furthermore, we all know why we should consume this spice. This is because of the health benefits this particular spice has to offer. 

King Of Spices
King Of Spices

Black Pepper 

Black pepper is one of those ingredients that is a staple all over the world. And hence, this is why black pepper is also known as the “king of spices”. 

Now if you didn’t know, this particular spice comes from an Indian native plant called Piper Niggrum. Moreover, they are extracted from the dried, unripe fruit of this plant. After which, you use this ingredient as both spice and seasoning. 

Health Benefits Of “King Of Spices”

Now, this pepper offers you a lot of nutritional and health benefits. And some of these are discussed below. 

Good Antioxidant

One of the most important benefits that you may extract from the king of spices is that it acts as a really good antioxidant. So, if you consume black pepper, you can be assured that your cellular damage will surely be healed. 

Improves Digestion

If you consume black pepper, it will help improve your digestion, especially when consumed raw. This is because it contains hydraulic acid.

Now, this acid is important as it breaks the proteins in your food. Furthermore, it also helps you fight gastrointestinal diseases and cleanses your intestines. 

Improves Respiratory System

You must have often seen your parents offering you a special type of tea when you suffer from a cough and cold, right? Well, that tea is made up of many ingredients, one of them being black pepper. 

This spice helps you to remove phlegm from your body. And if you consume this with honey, you can surely get rid of chest congestion as well. 

Improves Blood Circulation 

Now, who does not want healthy and glowing skin? So, start consuming black pepper. This is because this spice helps you to prevent skin deformation. How? 

When you consume this spice, your blood circulation in your body improves. And proper blood circulation is very important for skin rejuvenation. 

Helps You Have Healthy Hair 

If you want healthy hair growth, start applying some black pepper to your scalp. Mix it with curd to do so. 

Furthermore, it also helps in the treatment of dandruff in hair. Moreover, this is a home remedy that will surely not have any side effects. So, why not try it? 

Now, apart from these, this spice also helps reduce weight, improves joint pains, removes toxins and many more. But, just because it has so many health benefits you should not consume an excess amount of it. 

Effects Of Black Pepper

Remember, anything in excess will have some side effects. And so will black pepper if you consume an excessive amount of it. 

Excess Of It May Cause Burning 

Since, this is a spice, eating an excessive amount of it will leave a burning sensation not just in your mouth but in your stomach and throat as well. 

Affects Lungs 

A serious effect that you need to be careful of is that if this spice enters your lungs, it may cause death as well. 

Reacts With Medicines

Now, if you are someone who has been prescribed medicine, then you need to consult your doctor before consuming black pepper. As it may react with medicines. 

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May Cause Allergies

Black pepper may sometimes cause irritation to pregnant women. Furthermore, it may also cause allergies in breastfeeding mothers. So, it is advisable for pregnant women to vary in black pepper consumption. 

This spice is one of the best spices that is used in cooking worldwide. And because of its health benefits, you should add it to your diet as well. But, you to also be careful of the amount you consume to avoid its side effects.

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