Bhaukaal season 2 review: Slow Start with predictable crime drama


Bhaukaal season 2 review: Chapter 2 of Bhaukaal with 10 new episodes is now available on MX Player.  Siddhanth Kapoor, Pradeep Nagar, Bidita Bag, and Mohit Raina star in the show. Season one of the series was launched in 2020, and it was well appreciated. Mohit’s effort are highly worth watching. Season 2 is now available, and fans who have seen season one will undoubtedly be interested in the continuation of the series. So, is it really binge-watching Bhaukaal season 2? To know more, see our review below.

Bhaukaal Season 2 Review Storyline:

SSP Naveen Sikera (Mohit Raina) has suspended Shaukeen (Abhimanyu Singh) and is gradually but gradually changing the public’s opinion of police as heroes throughout Muzzafarnagar.


The Dedha Bros, Pintu and Chintu, now rule the supreme, and they intend to keep the horror alive on their land. Sikhera, how did you get rid of the Dedha Brothers? Bhaukaal 2 is about the hardships he experienced.

Season 2 is perhaps greater than the first, with top stuff and a swaggering delivery of great dialogue. It elevates the show to a new level. The plot will also keep you interested. As soon as you think you’ve figured out the plot, a new twist will be added, leaving you perplexed.

The use of rustic offensive language may have been toned down a touch, and the emphasis should have been more on developing the psyches of the main characters. A little more storyline would have been beneficial, but points for effort anyway.

Bhaukaal Season 2 Review Cast:

When it comes to the actors, there is no doubt that Mohit Raina has earned our hearts once again. He’s done a fantastic job as a policeman, and his fight scenes alone are worth watching the series for.

He would suddenly transform from a family man to a brave cop, and both of his personas have surprised us. Mohit Raina expertly displays his character’s various moods and colors.

Aside from him, Bidita Bag (Nazneen) has performed an excellent appearance. Pradeep Nagar (Pintu Dedha) and Siddhant Kapoor (Chintu Dedha) would make you believe they are actual criminals rather than actors playing the part. However, all of the performers in Bhaukaal 2 are underappreciated. Bikramjeet Kanwarpal, the late artist, also appears in the series.


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Final Verdict:

Bhaukaal 2 is a show for folks who enjoy watching genuine gangster television shows without sexualizing women or deviating from the storyline unduly. It’s short and to the point. As well as, it nicely depicts the story of ego clashes and bravery.

The content will compel you to binge watch the show in a single sitting. Having said that, the show should have provided more in terms of innovation. Although clichés are a dollar a million, the screenplay will keep you fascinated. If you haven’t already seen Bhaukaal, you can do so on MX Player.

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