Bahubali Or KGF: Which Movie Does The Audience Prefer?


Ever since the sequels of the two most popular movies have come out, the discussion on Bahubali or KGF has become one of the most popular topics. 

If you are a true fan, then you must surely love Prabhas in Bahubali and Yash in KGF, isn’t it? Now, both the movies have gained a lot of popularity from their first movie themselves. 

Which Movie Does The Audience Prefer?
Which Movie Does The Audience Prefer?

But, you must also be wondering which one of the two is more loved by the audience, right? Did you know that the two actors also received threats during the time of the movie’s release? 

So, let’s see which movie is more preferred by the audience. 

About Babhubali 

This is one of those movies that need no introduction at all. It is a movie where you see a village boy pursuing a girl. But, the girl, Avantika has dedicated her life to saving Devsena from the clutches of Bhallaldev.

But what Shivudu, played by Prabhas does not know is that he is the son of Bahubali and Devsena. And Bhallaldev is Bahubali’s cousin who had taken over the throne after getting him killed. 

The story further continues where secrets are revealed about Bahubali’s death. Furthermore, you get to know why his most trusted person, Kattapa killed him for Bhallaldev. The story has two parts in which Devsena is finally saved, and Shivudu takes over his father’s throne. 

About KGF

Now, KGF is another movie that is loved by a large audience as well. The story follows the life of Rock Bhai, a gangster. 

In the first part of the movie, the premise is set to make the audience see the past and his intentions. Now, Rocky somehow ends up against Garuda, a gangster who runs the Kolar Gold Field. 

But, when Rocky reaches the KGF, he takes it upon himself to free all the enslaved people there. In the KGF 1, you will see that Yash aka Rocky has won over all the people working there. 

But now, in the second part, he takes on bigger missions where Rocky has to go through some very difficult paths. 

Bahubali Or KGF? 

Now, both the movies have been exceptionally good. The acting, the plot, the cast the audience loved everything. Yet, there are some differences here. 

Bahubali 1 was released in the year 2015 while KGF 1 was released in 2018. If you did watch the Bahubali 1, then you might remember the one question that kept people waiting for the second part. 

The question was “Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?” Now, the narrative and the plot of this movie were set in such an interesting manner, that you had no other choice but to think about what might have led to such an incident in the movie? 

KGF on the other hand is about Rocky Bhai and his life journey as a whole and how he saves the enslaved people at the KGF. 

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Bahubali Or KGF, Which Movie Earned More?

One of the most important questions is which movie earned more?

Did you know that Bahubali 1 earned Rs 5.15 crore on its opening day itself? KGF 1 on the other hand earned Rs 2.10 crores on its first day. 

Furthermore, Bahbuali 1 earned Rs 118.7 crores worldwide, whereas KGF 1 earned Rs Rs 44.09 crores only. Their second parts were much more profitable than the first. 

Bahubali 2 earned Rs 510.99 crores worldwide, and KGF 2 earned Rs 625 crores worldwide. Did you know that KGF 2 was one of the top 10 highest-grossing Indian films? 

Now, to answer your question about Bahubali or KGF. If you prefer a movie about the power and the life of a gangster, then KGF is definitely for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a movie about revenge and family politics, then you surely love Bahubali. 


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