Apple WWDC 2022: From iOS 16 to MacBook Air, Everything You Need to Know

Apple WWDC 2022: From iOS6 to MacBook Air, Know What Else was Unveiled
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Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2022, an annual event for introducing the new initiatives Apple in the technology sector, began this year on 6th June 2022. Apple WWDC 2022 revealed the much-awaited iOS 16 along with other highly anticipated announcements. No news regarding the upcoming iPhone 14 was shared during the Apple WWDC 2022, which may have left some people dismayed. However, a plethora of new software, hardware and applications were introduced. Here we have listed the most significant announcements made at Apple WWDC 2022:

iOS 16

The new operating system from the America based company has finally been revealed to the public. iOS 16 will enhance the user experience and bring some features that were demanded by the Apple users: Here’s what iOS 16 will change:

  • Apple announced at WWDC 2022 that iOS 16 would bring a customisable lock screen interface which will let the users change the wallpaper, colour and font of date and time. Apple users will also be enabled to manage the widgets and activity rings on their lock screen. Moreover, the notification pattern on the lock screen will also be customisable.
  • A new feature included in iOS 16 will allow the Apple iPhone users to edit or undo the deleted messages. Interestingly, WhatsApp is also testing this feature for its messaging service. However, Apple has stepped one foot forward and declared that the feature would allow iPhone users to edit and undo messages with ease as long as the messages were sent between two iPhone users. Also, marking messages as unread is another feature that makes its way to Apple devices with iOS 16.
apple message edit feature
Source: Apple
  • Apple has also announced a safety check feature for iOS 16 at its annual WWDC 2022 event. This new feature is aimed at strengthening user privacy and safety standards. Apple is marketing as a step toward helping users in abusive relationships. The safety check will allow people to view who has access to their private credentials such as passwords, apps and more.
  • CarPlay grants iPhone users the ability to perform functions on a device running on iOS through the car screen, which acts as the proxy for the iPhones. In a massive update, the CarPlay widget has been reformed by Apple. Users now will be able to access the CarPlay widget from the instrument cluster.

Watch OS9

Apple Watch OS9
Source: Apple

Watch OS9 from Apple has received huge updates in the announcement made at Apple WWDC 2022. Many new health-related features are added to the watch operating system. Reminder for medicine and new running metrics are two of the key features introduced in Watch OS9. Also, a new fitness app is also in development. This new app will let iPhone users connect with their Apple watch and perform a plethora of new things.

MacBook Air and M2 Chip

Apple MacBook Air
Source: Apple

Apple announced at WWDC 2022 that a new generation of processors is coming to its devices. The M2 chip developed by Apple is much faster than the M1, and the company claims that the overall user experience will improve by 18% through this chip. An M2 chipset will power the new MacBook Air. It will also have 24 GB RAM and a massive 2TB storage. MacBook Air can last up to 20 hours with a single charge. The sale for this laptop will start the next month in the US.

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