Watch these Romantic Couples on OTT to spark your love life


Romance is without a doubt one of Hindi Movies and series greatest genres, and it has rarely gone out of vogue, with numbers of viewers streaming on OTT to see couples in the movies and Web-series in which creators and performers bring their versions of love and romantic thriller stories.

Many things in the world can put you in a good mood like pictures. And what better thing to revel in the sense of love than by throwing your toes up with a gorgeous rom-com by your Laptop screen. Some romantic Couples on OTT make you yearn for a love you have yet to meet, while others make you cherish the small pleasures of life. Some make you question whether friendship is indeed all you need.

Here is a list of the 6 Romantic couples on OTT that are cute, Hilarious, and are worth watching

  1. Dhruv and Kavya (Little Things)

Dhruv and Kavya - one of the romantic couples on OTT

Little Things received accolades for honoring delicate occasions in a relationship as Dhruv and Kavya navigated youth, maturity, and small joys. Dhruv and Kavya are prepared to take their relationship a stage higher in the last chapter of Little Things. Moreover, after 3 chapters of being live-in partners who weathered a long-distance romance. The trailer for this last season was released. Hence, leaving viewers to wonder whether their beloved pair on the OTT is truly prepared to take the jump. However, If you have not watched the first 3 Seasons then you must watch Bond and the love that these OTT Couples share in the Little things web series.

  1. Bhuvan Bam and Tara (Dhindora)

Watch these Romantic Couples on OTT to spark your love life

Bhuvan Bam and Tara (portrayed by Gayatri Bhardwaj) is one of the best OTT Couples to watch in web series.  The Couples are constantly fighting each other, much like Nibba and Nibbi. Dhindora is a little comedy rom-com web series that will make your stomach ache due to giggles and laughter. Small-small fights between couples and Bhuvan’s portrayal of numerous characters are entertaining to see.

  1. Tanya and Mikesh (Permanent Roommates)

Tanya and Mikesh (Permanent Roommates)

Tanya, a commitment-phobic woman, and Mikesh, her overenthusiastic long-distance lover comes to India from the United States to amaze Tanya and propose to her. Tanya declines to marry Mikesh, notwithstanding the advice of her roommate and her hesitation to marry someone she hardly knows. They eventually reach an agreement, preferring to live together beforehand. The events that follow a split, followed by reconciliation, and Tanya’s premarital pregnancy lead to the two of them arranging their wedding, with unanticipated repercussions. These famous OTT couples showcase today’s reality and are a source of lessons for today’s lover, no matter how difficult the situation gets never involve a third person and resolve it with patience.

  1. Rajat and Ishita (Flames)

Rajat and Ishita one of the best OTT couples of all time

Flames Season 1 was one of the first web shows to strike the digital media and tug at the viewer’s emotions, unraveling a chemical process that spiraled into a massive fan base. This simple yet intriguing juvenile romance portrayed the narrative of Ishita and Rajat’s romantic adulthood during a tuition session. As a result, making them one of the OTT and internet’s cutest couples. Season 1 finished with the pair forming a relationship, leaving viewers wondering how life would alter for this couple! However, their relationship explodes with flammable love in the second chapter as they strive to manage friendship, personal aspirations, and the highs and lows of being in a romance.

  1. Veer and Sameera (Broken But Beautiful)

Veer and Sameera (Broken But Beautiful)

The story of Broken But Beautiful is about a failed relationship. Veer and Sameera are two people who have suffered in their love lives. They were left heartbroken and devastated after losing their significant partners, with whom they had anticipated spending their entire lives. The web series Broken But Beautiful is about love, recovery, heartbreaks, second opportunities, and grief. But how will Veer and Sameera deal with their grief? Will they ever be able to heal their old wounds? Will they ever believe in absolute love’s miracles? watch these beautiful couples on OTT and experience realities.

  1. Abhishek and Rinki (Panchayat)

Abhishek and Rinki (Panchayat)

The Panchayat web series second season allows viewers to enjoy the beauty of this rural romantic drama set between Abhishek and Rinki amid all the issues. Abhishek and Rinky are in a romantic relationship, but neither is willing to declare it out loud. Panchayat 2 triumphs as a narrative of rural etiquette, with a mild humorous and sarcastic lens on laziness and cowardice, conveyed at a relaxed pace. Hence, maintaining solidly on track as a melodrama that takes its grist from petty hobbies.

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