Google I/O 2022: Google Search, Photos, and Maps get New Features

Google I/O 2022: Google Search, Photos, and Maps get New Features

At the developers’ conference, Google held its event Google i/o 2022 to introduce upcoming features and technology to the world. Google revolutionised the way apps will work with some massive and exciting announcements. From introducing the controversial AI LaMDA 2 to adding a plethora of security features, Google covered it all at the event. Here we will focus on Google Search, Maps, and Photos.

Google Search New Features:

Google Search will now include a feature called Multisearch that will allow the users to search with both images and texts simultaneously through the technology behind Google’s Lens.

The Multisearch feature allows the users to ask any question about any object in front of them by just pointing their camera to the thing and asking a question related to it.

Google has further notified that, for now, this feature will only support the English language, but soon all the local languages recognised by Google AI will be able to access the information.

Another interesting thing Google will add to the Search is Scene Exploration. This will aim at scanning multiple objects simultaneously and providing the details about the same.

Google Photos New Features:

google i/o 2022

Google is coming up with a revolutionary open-source feature for Google Photos. The new feature called Real Tone, first detected in the Pixel 6 smartphone, will now be available to all Android users through Google Photos.

Google revealed at I/O 2022 that this skin tone function would allow every person, irrespective of their colour, to represent their natural skin according to their preference.

Google Maps New Features:

google i/o 2022

Google announced at I/O 2022 that Google Maps is receiving an Immersive View with the Time Slider. This Immersive View technology will allow the users to get a more detailed outlook of a particular location on Google Maps.

One can use the Time Slider to watch how the place will look at different time points in a day. Google demonstrated the feature through a video of London at the event.

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