Apple Will Start Letting You Fix Your Own iPhone At Home Soon


Earlier we had to visit Apple repair centers to fix our iphones but now the company has come up with something exciting. Apple is now allowing its customers to fix their iphones at home. The company is all set to carry out its new marketing strategy by selling parts and tools.

Moreover, it will also give tips and guidance on how to repair Apple devices at home. There will be no need to bring your device to an Apple store or a third-party repair shop. This new plan will begin with iPhone 12 and 13, followed by Macs with M1 chips.

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As of now, users will be able to deal with the replacement of the iPhone’s battery, display, and camera parts. The company promises that it will come up with other options later in the future. As time is changing, Apple’s policies are also maturing and benefiting customers too.

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Earlier, the company was against the right-to-repair movement and repairing your phone from third-party stores. But now, things are changing for the company and even for customers too. Apple is calling this program “Self Service Repair” because customers can repair their devices by themselves without visiting the Apple store or any third-party store.

When Will Apple Launch Its New Program?

This new program will launch early next year in the US first followed by other regions later. According to the company, this program is meant for those who are expert or holds experience in repairing electronic parts of the devices. Experts still recommend other users visit a professional for repair.

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It doesn’t matter if you repair your device from a store or do it by yourself, the warranty will remain the same. Although damaging your own device in the process still might void its warranty. Apart from this, iFixit, American e-commerce which sells repair parts and published online repair guides, appreciated this move by Apple. But the American e-commerce company noted that it comes with a red flag.

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iFixit Director, Elizabeth Chamberlain says that Apple’s decision is going to be an exceptional concession to our collective competency. It also invalidates many arguments that Apple and other companies have made against the right to repair. But this isn’t a proper solution to what the users were demanding through the right-to-repair movement because it appears that it is still supporting restrictions that require parts to be purchased directly from Apple.

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The tech company s planning to sell more than 200 individual tools and parts and will also offer repair manuals for customers to review before making a purchase. The announcement of the pricing of tools and parts will take place soon. Also, customers may use a recycling credit system for returning their old used parts after completing a repair.


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