Enjoy Privacy: How to Lock WhatsApp on an iPhone to avoid snooping


WhatsApp is crucial for everyday conversations about work, family, entertainment, hobbies, and a wide range of other subjects. Simply put, most people’s WhatsApp conversations contain a plethora of information that they do not want anybody else to view. Private photos, financial data, login information, and other data are all concerns. Handsets, on the other hand, are commonly given to friends and relatives and are occasionally left on coworkers’ desks, at other people houses, or even in public places. To learn how to lock WhatsApp read more.

The majority of time, no damage is caused. Some persons, on the other end, may be capable of picking them up and search throughout your WhatsApp or other data. Most people do not have any security mechanisms activated that keep out everyone. Also, if you consistently share your smartphone, it’s possible everybody has figured out the ‘passcode’ that opens it. However, there are 2 techniques for protecting the information of your Apple iPhone secure from watchful eyes and you can easily Lock WhatsApp.

Two Methods:

Apple fans can lock WhatsApp app on the device using one of 2 techniques: Touch ID or Face ID. Customers can deactivate these two protections on any of their programs, including WhatsApp, by following the instructions outlined below.

How to activate Touch Id/Face Id on your iPhone to lock WhatsApp?

Lock WhatsApp on iOS devices

  • Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone and click to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Go to Account, then to Privacy. Choose Screen Lock from the drop-down menu.
  • In the menu, activate the ‘Allow Touch ID or Face ID’ button.
  • Set the amount of time WhatsApp can be in standby mode before requesting Touch ID or Face ID.

If you want to deactivate this feature in the hereafter, simply repeat the procedures and open the Screen Lock instead. Following that, you may disable the Prefer Touch ID or Face ID setting in WhatsApp. You could even use your iPhone’s passcode to secure WhatsApp.

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