A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of Wat A Burger Founder Rajat Jaiswal: Having Turnover of 34+ Crores


Rajat Jaiswal, a pilot in one of the leading airlines, had a dream of doing something other than just his job, and so he started a business with his childhood friend, which turned on to become something that is now generating 34 crores of turnover. Yes! We’re talking about Wat-a-Burger, a brand that started with its initial store in Noida and has expanded its footprint in 19 cities with 60 operational stores.

The story behind building Wat A Burger is an interesting one, and keep reading to know more about it.

So, let’s hear it from the start then.

Wat A Burger

Rajat knew back then that he would be in the air most of the time and that someone needed to maintain the on-ground management. So coupling with his childhood friend Farman, the co-owner of Wat-a-Burger, they started the firm.

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He was in charge of everything that required him not to be present in the storefront, including phone calls, investments, operations, deals, and all.

There was no support from his family as they were against the idea of doing a blue-collar job and having served burgers for a business venture. But he kept his dream and made sure that he turned the tables.

His father is the head of finances and is often seen giving ideas to others about starting up something of their own on the side apart from the job.

Interestingly, Rajat is still a captain, and he is still flying. The reason for this is his passion and dream for flying. He says that he cannot leave his job as it’s what he likes to do.

The idea for the Wat-a-Burger was initiated as Rajat knows that the airline industry is a volatile one, and we’ve seen that in the last two years of pandemic, it has incurred heavy losses.

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But lucky for Rajat that he started it early on, and although the sales have gone down about 75% due to the pandemic, they’re still in business and making money.

It’s a story of inspiration for others and those who want to do something else in life other than just sticking to their job. One can easily imagine the struggles that Rajat might have gone through, but still, he managed to pull it off. If he can, you also can.

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