‘YouTube V/S Tiktok’ Cold War on Internet

Youtube Vs Tiktok
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If you’re a Netizen then you must’ve heard about this Youtube V/S Tiktok debate which is collecting pretty much all the heat recently. The reason behind such a huge engagement from users is the active involvement of the big names of the Indian YouTube community.

The debate started with one of the popular Indian Tiktrok stars, Amir Siddiqui posting an IGTV video. It can be seen in that video that he’s trying to humiliate the YouTubers who roast or make fun of the TikTok community.

Not only that but he tried to garner the Tiktok platform over Youtube claiming how it’s better than the later.

Now, Carry Minati who needs no introduction for he is one of the most popular YouTube face in India or for a matter even the global YouTube community too. He saw that post and like any other devoted Youtuber got instigated and lashed out by making a video titles ‘Youtube V/S Tiktok: The End’.

The video showed him doing exactly the same what Amir did in his IGTV video, but a little too much in his own style. Which can come off rude or threatening to many out there for it contained a lot of cuss words at frequent intervals.

The video gained immense popularity and started a trend of its own which hasn’t faded even yet. But most importantly it started a different kind of debate where Youtubers started bashing Tiktoker and Tiktokers started doing the same.

Check out any social platform for now and you would find threads which are full of people who would be cursing each other just because they support different content platform.

Well! eventually, YouTube got the hang of it and overnight deleted the video, and also banned it from respawning to the surface. The reason being that it can cause inappropriate situation and contains content which can in instigate those situations.

Now, the next event brings us to each and every Carry Minati fan or Tiktok hater rising up to the surface and protesting on social media using hashtags such as #Justiceforcarry. The meme community started trolling and it gave immense relief to the social media managers who were hogging for trending content.

After that, the next phase started and as expected, other fellow YouTubers such as Aashish Chanchalani, Technical Guruji, and many more came in support with their video content on the same matter.

In all this, Technical Guruji strategically played his cards right and without the sign of violence protested through a YouTube Video showing him deleting Tiktok from about 20 of his smartphones.

This received a huge appreciation from the youtube community and fans and started a trend which, by all means, doesn’t look any good for the Tiktok app which is getting uninstalls.

Let’s see what follows after this and whatever happens we’ll keep on updating you for sure. Keep coming back and comment down below your take on the whole matter.

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