18 Rated TV Series List Netflix

Netflix's 18 Rated TV Series List


Netflix is home to some of the hottest and sexiest web series and there are a lot of 18 rated TV series available on the digital streaming platform that can make anyone excited and interested. What’s great about Netflix 18 rated TV series is that most of these web series have great storylines and thrilling plots. This article lists some of the best 18 rated TV series that you can watch right now on Netflix in 2023.

Netflix 18 Rated TV Series List

1- Obsession

18 Rated TV Series List Netflix

In a captivating London tale, a highly regarded surgeon finds himself embroiled in a passionate liaison with his son’s soon-to-be wife, leading to an intense obsession that could irrevocably alter their destinies. This riveting story, laced with eroticism, unravels a web of desire, danger, and forbidden love. As the narrative unfurls, the characters’ lives become intertwined in ways they never anticipated, forcing them to confront the repercussions of their illicit affair. This scintillating drama could easily find a place among Netflix’s list of captivating 18 rated TV series.

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2- Dark Desire

18 Rated TV Series List Netflix

A woman bound by marriage embarks on a life-altering weekend getaway, where a fiery encounter sets ablaze a whirlwind of passion. However, their torrid affair takes a tragic turn, leaving her grappling with the unsettling realization that the truth about those closest to her may not be as it seems. This gripping tale delves into themes of betrayal, deception, and self-discovery, pushing the boundaries of morality and desire. With its intense storyline and mature content, this riveting narrative would find a natural place among Netflix’s best 18 rated TV series.

3- What/If

18 Rated TV Series List Netflix

Anne Montgomery, a woman of immense wealth, presents an enticing proposition to the talented scientist, Lisa. Lisa is on the brink of a groundbreaking discovery that could revolutionize child healthcare, but lacks the necessary funds to conduct crucial trials and bring her innovation to the market. Despite facing rejections from other venture capitalists, Lisa is taken aback when Anne unexpectedly extends an offer – albeit with an unexpected twist. In exchange for the much-needed financial support, Anne demands an evening alone with Lisa’s husband, Sean, a former professional athlete. This is surely one of the best 18 rated TV series on Netflix to watch online in 2023.

4- Gypsy

18 Rated TV Series List Netflix

Jean, a highly accomplished therapist in New York, leads a seemingly idyllic life with a thriving practice. However, as Jean finds herself entangled in intimate and forbidden connections with individuals from her patients’ lives, the boundaries between her professional responsibilities and personal desires begin to fade. Slowly, Jean plunges into a realm where the clash between reality and the compelling forces of her fantasies wreaks havoc, leaving a profound impact on her own existence and the lives of those intertwined with hers. The intricacies of this story explore the blurred lines between professional obligations and personal yearnings, making it a compelling contender for an 18 rated TV series on Netflix.

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5- The Hookup Plan

18 Rated TV Series List Netflix

Elsa, a perpetually single woman, finds herself perplexed by her persistent romantic misfortunes, leaving her friends eager to support her. In an ill-advised endeavor to boost Elsa’s confidence, they decide to hire a male escort, known to Elsa as schoolteacher Jules, with the hope of reigniting her faith in dating, relationships, and ultimately finding love. However, Elsa’s world unravels when she uncovers a significant secret that her friends have kept hidden from her. As doubts about Jules begin to take hold, the bonds of long-standing friendships strain and reach a boiling point. It is one of the most interesting 18 rated TV series to watch on Netflix in 2023.

6- Jane The Virgin

18 Rated TV Series List Netflix

Jane Villanueva’s life takes an astonishing turn when a life-altering event occurs: she becomes pregnant through artificial insemination. This unexpected development alone is enough to send her world spinning, challenging her plans and dreams. However, fate has an even greater surprise in store for Jane. As she delves deeper into the details surrounding her pregnancy, she is struck by a revelation that leaves her utterly dumbfounded. The biological donor responsible for this unexpected pregnancy is none other than her boss, someone who holds a significant position in her life and was once the object of her romantic interest.

7- Sex/Life

18 Rated TV Series List Netflix

In the midst of her suburban life as a devoted wife and mother, a woman embarks on an exhilarating journey down memory lane, laden with fantasies and charged with longing. This nostalgic escapade ignites a chain of events that propels her present existence on a collision course with the untamed, free-spirited persona of her wild-child past. Sex/Life is among the best 18 rated TV series to watch online on Netflix in 2023.

8- Never Have I Ever

18 Rated TV Series List Netflix

Following a distressing year, a teenager of first-generation Indian-American heritage aspires to elevate her social standing within her school. However, the challenges she faces from her friendships, family dynamics, and conflicting emotions make her journey far from straightforward. Despite her determination, the path to improvement proves to be an uphill battle, as she grapples with the complexities of her identity, the expectations of her heritage, and the ever-present tug of her emotions. Never Have I Ever is surely a must watch 18 rated TV series on Netflix.


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