7 Hot English Web Series to Watch on Netflix Right Now


Netflix has tons of hot English web series that you can stream right now. The OTT Platform is packed with the latest and new hot English web series that are updated on a regular basis. The shows like Bridgerton and Hollywood are some of the hottest English web series you can watch now. Here we have listed the most popular hot English web series on Netflix that will definitely serve as your guilty pleasure.

hot english web series netflix

Hot English Web Series on Netflix to Watch Right Now

1- Hollywood

With only seven episodes, the Hollywood web series is still the best hot English web series that you can find on Netflix. The show follows an aspiring movie star who reluctantly accepts a job at the gas station only to find out that they pump more than just gas there. It takes you on a fantastical journey like no other show would. The show is a must-watch for those who love the hottest English web series.

2- Bridgerton

This period drama is one of the hottest engaging English web series to watch on Netflix. You will be fascinated by its concept that expands and continues to assimilate new dimensions over a period of time. This hot English web series is set in England and explores the love life of the highest section of society.

3- Dark Desire

This hot English web series received a lot of praise for its thrilling concept when it first debuted on Netflix. It follows a law professor who overhears her husband on a suspicious phone call and decides to pursue the matter. What follows are the consequences that you won’t see coming. It’s one of the best web series streaming right now on Netflix.

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4- Valeria

Valeria, a young female writer going through writer’s block, tries to seek comfort from her three friends. She meets up with a new flirty man who begins the adventure you would love watching on Netflix in this web series. There are two seasons of the show available, and it has already been renewed for a third season.

5- You

Based on a book, this thrilling hot English web series on Netflix is famous for introducing a brand new genre of suspense combined with romance and obsession. The show follows a bookshop owner who becomes obsessed with a girl and stalks her, and even takes revenge on people who have wronged her. It has three seasons and has been renewed for a fourth season as well.

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6- Riverdale

This hot English web series follows teenagers Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica as they try to navigate life at their high school Riverdale High while a case of murder shooks the entire town. It’s one of the hottest series to watch on Netflix right now.

7- The Hook Up Plan

Two years after her break up, a woman called Elsa is still obsessed with her ex. However, when she meets up with Jules, a dreamy schoolteacher, her outlook on life changes, and she experiences a new longing. This hot English web series is filled with elements of comedy and is one of the best shows to watch on Netflix.

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