11th July 2021- A day to remember for Lionel Messi & all football fans


Finally, we’ve got to see an international trophy in Messi corner when playing from his national team, Argentina. And for the nation, yesterday’s win ended their 28 years of wait and got them Copa America’s trophy.


11th July 2021- A day to remember for Lionel Messi & all football fans

Angel Di Maria becomes the star for Argentina as he scored the only goal in the complete match which led to the victory of his team against the host, Brazil by 1-0.

“It’s a great title, especially for our people. The fans support the team unconditionally. I think they can identify with this team that never gives in,” said Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni.

Moreover, social media has gone crazy since last night and the only thing we came across from yesterday is the news of Messi and Argentina being the Copa America Champion.

Di Maria scored the goal in the 22nd minute and from there onwards, the team focused completely on ‘How to Get The Title’ and they did eventually.

Final Highlights of Argentina vs Brazil, Copa America Final

Additionally, they have also broken Brazil’s record of being unbeaten in their home ground. They have a record of being the home ground champions for about 2500 days.

While Argentinian fans were happy, Neymar and the audience who were rooting for Brazil were disappointed.

But Messi did came to Neymar’s rescue, while his team was celebrating, he went straight to his ex-Barcelonian mate and consoled him first. He did party afterward but he did come forward for his junior and star player, Neymar.

Video of Neymar & Messi Tears Hugs

Yesterday marked quite an important date in the life of Messi as he did manage to win his first international title in his entire career from his home team. The last time Argentina celebrated like this was in 1993 at Copa Final in Ecuador.

To celebrate the moment, the whole world united into one, be it a Messi fan, a Ronaldo fan or even Messi haters were on his side. 10th of July was the moment for Messi, Just like the 10th of July in 2016 was the day for Ronaldo as he won his first international major 05 years back.

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