10 Movies Like OMG 2 to Watch on OTT Platforms

The best movies like OMG 2 (2023)


There are many Movies Like OMG 2 to Watch on OTT Platforms. With these 10 carefully chosen films available on different OTT platforms, you may embark on a cinematic adventure with elements of the charm and excitement of “OMG 2.” This collection includes a variety of stories and emotions, from comedies that make you laugh to dramas that make you think.

Movies Like OMG 2 to Watch on OTT Platforms

Discover compelling stories that promise to entertain and resonate while reflecting the spirit of “OMG 2.” Discover new worlds and viewpoints as you go on various adventures that will keep you interested and captivated. Prepare yourself for a cinematic feast that captures the spirit of “OMG 2” and promises a unique streaming experience.

10 Movies Like OMG 2 to Watch on OTT Platforms

1. PK

A stranger in the city poses unheard-of queries. The man, known only by his initials, embarks on a journey of love, laughter, and letting go due to his innocent inquiries and curiosity.

  • Ott Platform: Netflix

2. 3 idiots

Due to Rancho’s upbeat and refreshing attitude toward life, Farhan and Raju develop a strong friendship with him in college. After some time, a wager offers them the opportunity to search for their long-lost friend, whose whereabouts seem elusive.

  • Ott Platform: Prime Video

3. Shubh Mangal Saavdhan

A Hindi comedy-drama movie called Shubh Mangal Saavdhan centres on Mudit and Sugandha, a couple who struggle with erectile dysfunction before getting married. The movie demonstrates their solutions to the problem and how their families and the wider community respond.

  • Ott Platform: Prime Video

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4. Badhaai Ho:

A middle-aged couple unexpectedly becomes parents, and When his mother informs him she is pregnant, a 25-year-old man hides his embarrassment.

  • Ott Platform: Netflix

5. Pad Man

A newlywed welder named Lakshmi makes waves in his East Indian hamlet by trying to modernize the production of sanitary products for ladies.

  • Ott Platform: Netflix

6. Taare Zameen Par

The dyslexic student Ishaan might struggle to complete tasks in his boarding school. Soon after, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, a new, unusual art instructor, aids him in realizing his untapped ability.

  • Ott Platform: Netflix

7. Vicky Donor

The director requires a trustworthy supplier of top-notch semen from a fertility center and sperm bank. Vicky Arora, a charming Punjabi, walks into his life by chance. He persuades Vicky to donate blood. After falling in love with her, Vicky marries Ashima, a Bengali woman, but their marriage suffers as it is learned that she is infertile.

  • Ott Platform: Prime Video

8. Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

Toilet: The subject of open defecation in rural India is the focus of the Hindi film Ek Prem Katha. It tells the tale of Keshav, a straightforward man who marries Jaya, a modern woman. Their marriage is jeopardized when Jaya learns that Keshav’s home is without a toilet and she must urinate outside. Keshav then decides to fight against the long-standing customs and values of his village in an effort to get his wife back.

  • Ott Platform: Netflix

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9. Bala 

A young guy named Bala, who has early baldness and low self-esteem, is the focus of the movie Bala. He wears a wig to court Pari, a model with a pale complexion, but encounters difficulties because of his condition. He also gets back in touch with Latika, a friend from his youth who endured bullying because of her dark skin tone. The movie is a satire of our obsession with fairness and beauty.

  • Ott Platform: Disney+Hotstar

10. Hindi Medium

Raj and Mita Batra want Pia, their daughter, to receive an elite education. They are prepared to do everything it takes to change her destiny once they realize their heritage is holding her back.

  • Ott Platform: Prime Video

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