10 Things Men With Sensitive Skin Should Avoid


We live in a society where men have always been careless about their skincare routine. I’m taking the initiative here to say out loud that we men don’t really care about our skin unless and until something pops up outta nowhere on our skin or we experience a hellish situation due to our lack of awareness about skin health. To simply put, men are careless in taking care of themselves. It’s just how the breed of men works. I’m right, Ain’t I? However, a few of us men go through harsh difficulties due to having sensitive skin. I can guarantee most men out there don’t even know how sensitive skin can actually become a big worry if not dealt with precision and carefulness.

Men With Sensitive Skin


Here in this article, we have listed the biggest mistakes that men with sensitive skin should never commit. So, if you are, unfortunately, one of those men who have highly sensitive skin, you should stick around to know what things you should definitely avoid. Those who are here for their loved ones would also be able to learn about how to care for men with sensitive skin by going through a quick read of this blog. But before we move on to discuss the things to avoid, let’s talk about what sensitive skin is, what its causes are and If there is anything that can be done to cure this condition.

Sensitive Skin: Meaning, Causes and Cure

Sensitive Skin is defined as the unpleasant sensations felt by a human being in the form of rashes, stinging, burning, pain, pruritus, and tingling sensations that other people do not experience when coming in contact with particular weather, food or certain products.

Sensitive Skin: Meaning, Causes and Cure

Sensitive Skin is a unique condition that doctors cannot directly diagnose you with. It happens in reaction to other ailments and diseases contracted by a human being. Most commonly, it is caused due to: overly dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, urticaria, photodermatoses, aquagenic pruritus and cutaneous mastocytosis.

Sensitive Skin is quite curable, and one can follow a few steps mentioned by their dermatologist to regain the glowing skin that they once possessed. Treating the underlying causes can help you get rid of this ailment once and for all.

Here are 10 Things Men with Sensitive Skin Should Avoid:

1- Smoking

avoid smoking

In addition to damaging your lungs and effectively shortening your life span by 5-6 years, smoking can disastrously increase the risks for men with sensitive skin. A habitual smoker can end up aggravating his skin problems without even realising the cause. We all know it’s hard to quit smoking as it gets addictive in nature, but one can always find the willpower to do the impossible if one is willing to live a happy, healthy and prosperous life that inspires others around them.

2- Alcohol

Well, those who smoke and drink can find themselves in trouble if they suffer from sensitive skin. Alcohol sucks out your body’s moisture and leaves the skin completely dry, which can ultimately trigger adverse effects on one’s skin. Our advice is to cut down on your consumption of alcohol if you have been diagnosed with the condition that can trigger sensitivity to the skin.

3- Fragrance

Stay away from synthetic fragrant products like deodorants and perfumes. It can weaken the inner layer of skin, leading to severe problems as you become prone to toxins and viruses in the atmosphere. People with weakened skin layers can easily catch diseases which can turn out to be a significant cause of trouble.

4- Chemical Sunscreens

Sunscreens are absolutely essential for men who have sensitive skin. Doctors recommend that people with skin sensitivity apply sunscreen whenever going outside. However, most of the sunscreens on the market are filled with chemical components that can worsen your skin health. So, the next time you go out to buy sunscreen, remember to read the label and purchase one made from organic components.

5- Long Showers

avoid long showers

There is a misconception among people that those who have sensitive skin should take long baths and completely wash every inch and corner of their body. However, this perception is totally wrong as doctors have said that men with sensitive skin should avoid overwashing their bodies as the soaps, shampoos and body washes contain many chemicals that can damage your skin.

6-  Not Changing Bedsheets Regularly

It is absolutely essential for men with sensitive skin to frequently change their bedsheets. Even the pillow covers, cushions and soft toys should be washed regularly to avoid coming in contact with bacteria that can trigger skin rashes, acne and other conditions. Keeping your bedroom clean will allow you to escape contact with sweat, scalp oil, dirt and bacteria.

7-  Not Staying Hydrated

It’s a no-brainer that people with sensitive skin should keep themselves hydrated. Dryness is one of the most common causes of skin conditions like rashes, itchiness and acne. Men can keep themselves away from all these problems by just staying hydrated.

8- Clothes made from Wool and Synthetic Fibres

Clothes made from wool and synthetic fibres tend to be itchy even when you are not suffering from skin sensitivity. Especially in summers, these clothes can trigger certain allergies, which you definitely do not wanna experience. So, it’s better to opt for cotton and silk clothes.

9- Exposing Skin

avoid exposing skin

Exposing Skin to sun rays can trigger problems associated with skin sensitivity. Even in the cold weather, men who have sensitive skin should avoid exposing their bodies to sun rays. Always covering almost all of the skin can definitely help in minimizing the effect of skin conditions.

10- Stress

Almost every other person is stressed in one way or another nowadays. However, finding moments of happiness and creating a routine with a healthy sleep schedule can help reduce skin diseases. Always try to avoid stress by finding things that keep you engaged and captivated. Being involved in things is one of the best ways to keep worries at bay.



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