20 Best Party Wear Dresses for Women and Men


December has just begun and the season of parties and weddings has started with a bang. Almost every other day there is a party going on in India nowadays and with Christmas and New Year approaching we don’t see this pattern of parties going down any soon. Even though we all love these parties and their glam-sham but we often find ourselves confused about the party wear dresses which we can adorn to enter in style at these events. This year you don’t need to worry anymore about your party look as you have stumbled upon this article that will let you know the most trending party wear dresses for women and men. Without further adieu let’s dive right in.

20 Best Party Wear Dresses for Women and Men

1- Sheath Midi Dress

Sheath Midi Dress for Party for Women

There are so many options available for women that it often gets consuming what to wear at a party. One dress with which you can’t go wrong at a party is a sheath midi dress that gives off a confident vibe and exudes an aura that will certainly make the heads turn.

2- Accordion Pleats Wrap Dress

Accordion pleats wrap dress for women

Nowadays accordion pleats wrap dresses are a new rage at parties. This party wear dress is perfect for those women who wanna give off an elite vibe without having to spend too much time on getting the perfect look. It just looks simply stunning.

3- Anarkuli Kurta

Women anarkuli kurti

For those women who looking for party wear Kurtis, the Anarkali kurta in solid black is a perfect choice. Black is a colour you can never go wrong with an Anarkali kurta is simply mindblowing. It’s perfect for both calm and loud parties.

4- Ethnic Motifs Printed Kurta

Ethnic motifs printed party wear kurti dresses for women

If you are to attend a party where you have to be at your ethnic best then this traditional motif print kurti is one party wear you can rely on.

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5- Slim Fit Bandhgala Party Suit

bandhgala party suit for men

A man who is well dressed and well mannered is a man who gets appreciated a lot. This slim fit bandhgala party suit will surely tick the first requirement for you to be appreciated. The rest believe you can achieve on your own.

6- Geometric Slim Fit Party Shirt

Geometric printed shirt

If you are going to a casual party where you don’t wanna overdo it with suits or kurtas then this slim-fit geometric party shirt is all you need. It’s one of the best party wear dresses for men.

7- Tulip Wrap Dress

Tulip Wrap Dress

The tulip wrap dress is in trend at the moment for all the right reasons. The single-coloured tulip wrap dresses are perfect for parties. You will certainly look awesome in this one.

8- Corset Blazer Dress

Corset blazer dress

Wanna look different from others at the party? Then try this corset blazer dress that we believe will separate you from the pack. Moreover, it looks beautiful, isn’t it?

9- One-Shoulder Sheath Dress

One shoulder sheath dress

Well, we have talked about the sheath midi dress but this one is equally fantastic to wear at parties. It’s quite trendy and women are certainly loving this one-shoulder sheath dress.

10- Sequin Dress

Sequin dress

You can never go wrong with a shimmering sequin dress at glamorous parties. Recently, Bollywood diva Janhvi Kapoor looked flawless in this dress and we can guarantee that this is one of the best party wear dresses right now for women.

11- Sequin Gown

Sequin Gown

Sequin gowns are also perfect to steal the limelight at parties. A woman can charm both traditional and western lovers with this glimmery dress at parties.

12- Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dress

Nowadays, Bollywood divas like Nora Fatehi and Janhvi Kapoor are making waves by wearing bold bodycon dresses. If you also want to be the talk of the party then it’s perfect for you.

13- Dusty Blazer

Dusty Blazer

Well, it’s certainly clear that there are not as many options for men as for girls when it comes to party wear dresses but the few that are there are enough for a man to be the thunder at a party. This dusty blazer goes well with pants of most colours and keeps one looking casual yet somewhat formal.

14- Ready to Wear Saree

ready to wear saree

Ready to Wear Sarees are one of the best party wear dresses for women. Also, sarees have their own unique traditional charm that is missing from western outfits.

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15- Embroidered Net Saree

Net Saree

The embroidered net sarees are also a huge hit among women of all ages. It’s a perfect blend of modernity and traditionalism.

16- Stripped Saree

Stripped Saree

Attending a function or a party in a stripped saree will make you stand out. It’s one of the best options for a woman to wear at a party. The simplicity of this saree adds to the beauty of this product.

17- Floral Saree

Floral saree party wear dresses for women

Floral sarees are never out of fashion, are they? The beautifully printed flowers combined with the beauty of the wearer make one something to admire. Surely one of the best party wear sarees for women.

18- Georgette Saree

Georgette Saree

If anyone ever tells you that a woman can’t look sexy in a saree then they are certainly the biggest fools. The georgette sarees will make you look hotter and sexier than any other at parties.

19- Black Mini Dress

Black Mini Dress

A tried and tested dress for parties, the black mini dress is that one outfit which you can easily rely on when you want to be at your best chic look.

20- Glitter Mini Dress

Glitter Mini Dress

Last but not least on the list of best party wear dresses is the glitter mini dress for women. It certainly looks fabulous and is one of the best options to go for if you are going to a party with loud music, booze and more.


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