10 Best Foreign Thrillers on Netflix to Watch in 2023 

The best Foreign thrillers to watch on Netflix in 2023


Nowadays there are the Best Foreign Thrillers on Netflix. Welcome to the captivating realm of foreign thrillers on Netflix in 2023. Brace yourself for a pulse-pounding cinematic journey that transcends borders and immerses you in a world of suspense and intrigue. 

10 Best Foreign Thrillers on Netflix to Watch in 2023 

These top 10 international gems from Europe to Asia will keep you on the edge of your seat with their gripping narratives, intricate plots, and unforgettable performances. Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure that will leave you craving more.


10 Best Foreign Thrillers on Netflix to Watch in 2023 

1. On Body and Soul

A 2017 thriller from Hungary called “On Body and Soul” received high praise from critics. Ildikó Enyedi’s film examines the strange bond between Endre and Mária, two workers at an abattoir. As their connection develops, they learn they have similar dreams and find it increasingly difficult to distinguish between reality and their goals. 

2. Divines

A French thriller called “Divines” centres on two teenage girls named Dounia and Maimouna, who reside in a struggling Parisian neighbourhood. They enter the dangerous world of drug dealing to escape their difficult situation. The girls must traverse the dangerous route they have chosen, putting their goals and loyalties to the test while grappling with moral choices and the repercussions of their decisions.

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3. A Sun

A Sun is a 2019 Taiwanese thriller movie. The story, directed by Chung Mong-hong, follows the lives of a family who appear to be ordinary but face unforeseen tragedies and sinister secrets instead. The family is forced to meet their frailties, guilt, and the boundaries of their love when the youngest son commits a severe crime.

4. The Kings of the World

A fascinating Belgian movie, “The Kings of the World,” was released in 2022. The story, directed by Laurent Denis, centres on two brothers named Damien and Thomas, who get caught up in a violent criminal underground. When a heist goes wrong, they must go through a dangerous web of treachery, betrayal, and violence to keep their family safe. The brothers’ loyalty is ultimately tested as the stakes rise. 

5. The Break

Belgian criminal drama “The Break” is an exciting series. Following investigator Yoann Peeters as he retreats to his small-town roots to escape his troublesome past, the narrative is set in a tiny town. When a young African football player is discovered dead, Yoann becomes involved in the inquiry, interfering with his plans for a calm break. He learns a web of sinister secrets and shrouded realities as he investigates the case further, threatening the community. 

6. Dark

German science fiction thriller series “Dark” enthralled viewers all over the world. A young boy’s disappearance sets off a series of events that reveal the sinister secrets kept within the fictional town of Winden and its interconnected families. The characters explore themes of fate, free will, and the cyclical nature of time as the mysteries deepen and become entangled in a complicated time travel phenomenon. 

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7.The Valhalla Murders

Iceland’s “The Valhalla Murders” is a crime drama that immerses viewers in the terrifying world of a serial killer. Detective Kata and profiler Arnar work together to find the killer after gruesome killings occur in Reykjavik. They unearth a network of secrets and a connection to a tragic incident from their past as they dive into the killer’s dark and twisted mind.

8. Delhi Crime

The real-life events surrounding the 2012 Delhi gang rape case are the basis for the Indian crime drama series “Delhi Crime.” The investigation led by DCP Vartika Chaturvedi and her team, working tirelessly to apprehend the perpetrators, is depicted in the aftermath of the brutal assault. The series examines law enforcement’s difficulties and the pursuit of justice in a profoundly patriarchal society as the city rumbles and public pressure grows. 

9. Omniscient

The sci-fi thriller series “Omniscient” from Brazil is set in a society not too far in the future where everyone is tracked and recorded by a surveillance system called “The System.” The novel’s main character is Nina, a young lady employed by the pervasive surveillance company.

Nina undermines The System’s core tenets as she learns the truth about her father’s death under unexplained circumstances. She becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse as she looks into the conspiracy more deeply and finds herself a target.

10. Money Heist

The Spanish heist crime drama series “Money Heist” has won widespread acclaim. The show follows a group of robbers as they plan and carry out meticulously orchestrated bank heists on the Royal Mint of Spain under the direction of “The Professor.”

The robbers are dressed in red jumpsuits and Salvador Dal masks, each with a city name as their code name. The series explores the robbers’ personal histories, motivations, and nuanced relationships with their hostages as the plot develops. 


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