10 Best South Indian Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime Video to Watch

List of Best South Indian Thrillers On Amazon Prime


South Indian Thriller Movies has a treasure trove of compelling movies if you enjoy exhilarating cinematic experiences. South Indian thrillers have captivated audiences with their distinctive storytelling and intense performances, from edge-of-your-seat suspense to mind-bending plot twists. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 South Indian thriller films on Amazon Prime Video that will captivate you from beginning to end.

10 Best South Indian Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime Video to Watch

These movies demonstrate the skill of South Indian filmmakers in producing suspenseful narratives that will leave you wanting more, whether you’re an experienced fan or new to the genre. As we explore the world of the top South Indian thrillers available on Amazon Prime Video, get ready for an emotional roller coaster.


10 Best South Indian Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime Video to Watch

1. Cold Case

In the movie Cold Case, ACP Satyajit, tasked with identifying the body and its killer, investigates the shocking find of a skull along a river. In a different place, a TV host and single mother named Medha is alarmed by certain paranormal occurrences in her brand-new rental home. 

These two threads come together when Medha realizes Eva Maria’s ghost is haunting her home or the refrigerator there and that ACP Satyajith is looking into Eva Maria’s death. By the conclusion, we knew who had murdered the wealthy, orphaned, and divorced woman and what had become of her.

2. Visithiran

The news of the passing of a previous wife causes a voluntary retiree in his early 50s to experience depression. But he notices something odd about her demise, so he investigates the situation that caused the fatality. A frightening truth about an organized crime syndicate pervasive in society is revealed due to his inquiry. 

3. Trance

“Trance” is a fascinating South Indian movie that chronicles the tumultuous journey of Viju, a hapless motivational speaker. He gains popularity when he accepts the frontman position for a contentious religious cult but becomes trapped in a web of dishonesty and manipulation. The movie examines ideas of faith, atonement, and the human psyche as he struggles with his sanity and the truth.

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4. The First Case

Vikram Jaisingh, a 32-year-old police officer with Rajasthan’s Homicide Intervention Team (HIT), struggles with his horrific history. His friends and girlfriend advise him to take a break and heal. But when Preethi, an 18-year-old girl, unexpectedly vanishes on Jaipur’s ring road, Vikram realizes that the case has a personal connection and must intervene to find Preethi, even though the investigation causes anxiety and panic attacks at every turn.

5. FIR 

Irfan Ahmed, an IIT Madras gold medallist who resides in Triplicane in Chennai, shares a home with his friends and his mother, Praveena Begum, a sub-inspector of police. Irfan attempts to find work while working part-time at a perfume factory and is in a relationship with Archana Krishnamoorthy, pursuing a PhD in Delhi. Archana tries to convince Irfan to leave to prevent the plant from being destroyed.

To prevent the sarin gas from being activated, he declines, nevertheless. The rocket kills Irfan by destroying the factory. In recognition of stopping the gas assault, Ajay Dewan receives praise. With Archana’s assistance, Ashraf, Abu Bakr’s chemical engineer, is killed by Irfan so that Abu Bakr will be seduced to India.

6. Imaikkaa Nodigal

Up to four characters are crucial to Imaikkaa Nodigal’s narrative. Anjali is a CBI agent looking for a killer named Rudra on the rampage. 

The younger brother of Anjali, Arjun, adores Krithi. These four people and the ensuing cat-and-mouse game are explored in the film.

7. Saani Kaayidham 

Ponni was a dedicated police officer without severe aspirations for a better life in 1989. Ponni strives to give her daughter Dhanam a lovely upbringing and an excellent education. A senseless injustice committed against Ponni and her family fulfils a generational curse. Sangaiya, with whom she has a troubled history, has inspired her to seek revenge.

8. Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru 

Three college friends hit someone with their automobile and escaped punishment. The police officer injured in the accident relives the horrible night that saw the accident, two murders, and a disappearance five years later.

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9. Evaru 

An inspector is tasked with looking into the death of a high-ranking officer allegedly raped by his purported victim. As the inspector digs further, he learns that this isn’t your average, straightforward case; instead, it’s a dark one full of unpleasant surprises.

10. Velvet Nagaram 

A journalist investigates the mystery behind the actress’s murder, but after being trapped by some thugs, she finds herself in a dangerous predicament.


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