10 Best American web series to watch on OTT Platforms


Do you wish to watch the latest American web series available on the OTT Platforms? Then you’ve reached the right place. It’s all available on the internet in today’s world. There are numerous American web series available to watch online. But which web series is the right choice? Which one should You choose? These questions will make it difficult for you to choose the finest English web series to watch on OTT.


Friends one of the best American web series of all time

Here is a list of the 10 Best American web series to watch on OTT

The Boys

The Boys series on Amazon Prime Video was a massive hit, and justifiably so, went on to become one of the most widely appreciated programs in the genre, revealing a hardheaded and dark side to the world of Heroes. The Boys contains a lot of emotion, bloody action, a brilliant storyline, and excellent acting. Most significantly, the author made time for the personalities to grow, shine, and be engaged throughout the episode. The Boys is and will remain to be a real game-changer, as well as one of the best overall American web series on OTT.

OTT Platform: Amazon Prime

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory, with its fascinating story and colorful characters, is immensely popular among nerds. People who enjoy science may relate to every detail. The characters, like geeks, are geniuses who know all about math, technology, and science but nothing about relationships. The sitcom, created by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre, centers on Physics and the four main protagonists who work at Caltech. To make the program more exciting and engaging, all of the jokes are largely about science.

OTT Platform: Netflix


Westworld is one of the best Scientific American Web series produced by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. The series has a strong connection to new tech and geek culture. The imaginary plot centers around a Wild West-themed adventure park whose residents are D-printed automatons designed to act realistically. If you like such series, Westworld is a good choice because it has been created as realistic as feasible. The concept, however, is not actual and is founded on theory, but the facts portrayed are fairly realistic.

OTT Platform: Disney + Hotstar


Fleabag, available on Amazon Prime Video, is the narrative of a lady battling with life, a difficult family, the loss of a companion, and a job that cannot support her living. Phoebe Waller-Bridge became well-known after adapting Codename Villanelle’s works to widespread recognition. However, this was her baby. She developed, scripted, and acted in the show, and she does it all wonderfully. This show’s humor is wicked and full of violent one-liners, and the performance is excellent. The entire cast contributes to the story well, but Phoebe Waller-Bridge is exceptional as the title character.

OTT Platform: Amazon Prime Video

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Stranger Things

This is one of Netflix’s most popular shows and for an excellent purpose. Stranger Things is a narrative about a group of youngsters in Hawkins, Indiana, and their adventures with creatures. The cast is fantastic, and the plot keeps you interested. The show is deserving of the attention it has garnered, and it may be the best American Web series to watch with children.

OTT Platform: Netflix

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was a crime drama American web series that shattered the internet. It completely revolutionized the web series landscape and went on to become one of the top web series in history. This is a must-see show that combines action, crime, and suspense. It tells the story of a person who is afflicted with cancer and begins selling methamphetamine to support his family. That’s it! We’re not going to give any more secrets here.

OTT Platform: Netflix


If you saw Friends on Television in the late 1990s, you can rewatch it again on Netflix. If you never saw Friends when it first aired on television, you should now! Friends is a television show about love, relationships, romance, and other subjects. It’s humorous, feels great, has some heartbreaking moments, and is a wonderful drama to watch after a long day. This famous program will never get old, and we can’t talk about the best American web series of all time without including it.

OTT Platform: Netflix

Black Mirror

The show is recommended for individuals who want to see the negative consequences of technical breakthroughs and inventions in the society. Though each episode of this series introduces a fresh narrative and cast of people, the core theme remains consistent throughout, namely the darker side of technological breakthroughs with future implications. The program is subtly influenced by The Twilight Zone, and one of the greatest things about it is the manner it is structured. 

OTT Platform: Netflix

House of cards

The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning political thriller on Netflix is packed with suspense, diabolical twists, and unexpected twists. It is modeled on the protagonist Frank Underwood’s crafty maneuvering attempts, dictatorship, and unscrupulous machinations. The series also concentrates on Claire, who plays a figure who represents female leadership and is depicted from numerous angles and emphases. Overall plots and a tense narrative make it one of the top Netflix American web series that you should add to your watch list right away.

OTT Platform: Netflix

Jessica Jones

 Jessica is a dark Marvel heroine who became a private detective after losing her strong woman job due to a catastrophe. Every narrative and surprise centered around the erstwhile Marvel superhero is entirely unforeseen. Krysten Ritter’s Jessica can keep her Netflix fans fascinated while she tries to forget her terrible history and go on.

OTT Platform: Netflix

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