You must Read these 2 books to understand the real meaning of true love


If you are looking for ways to realise your true love, then these two non- fiction books listed below will help you find it. These books talk about letting the higher power find the true love you deserve, then understanding it’s worth by practicing mindfulness and then recognizing the four traits of love. But if you are still stuck, then leaving it to the higher power is the best option because it will help you navigate through those relationships by healing and nurturing.


How to Love by Thich Nhat Hanh


How to Love written by Thich Nhat Hanh is a powerful read on the topic of love. When the author came across the mindfulness narrative, he became quite fascinated by it. He then decided to write a book on love amalgamated with mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness along with love not only keeps your partner happy but also helps you realize long-cherished ambitions, makes you happier and more productive.


In order to understand how to combine these two aspects, first it is important to understand what mindfulness is. Mindfulness is about experiencing and appreciating the present moment. Paying full attention to the present can help you understand the love and happiness that is residing inside your heart and soul. And tapping into that feeling can help you shower that love and happiness on other people too.


A person must recognize the four traits i.e true love- kindness, compassion (empathy), joy, equanimity to understand love. One must look for these four aspects in their potential partner rather than looking for attractiveness and success. In many parts of Asia, it is a ritual to treat your partner as a guest in your home. True love can only be achieved when a person is present in the moment and learning how to carefully listen and experience the pain and suffering of others. Being mindful allows you to tap into deeper levels of empathy and compassion. But before looking out for these four traits in your partner, it is important to understand that true love is a two-way street. You cannot find love in others if you don’t have abundance of it in yourself. The author, therefore, places strong emphasis on self-love. He believes in loving and respecting his own self before extending it to anyone else.


The author, Thich Nhat Hanh also wants people to rectify their notion of comparing intimacy with sex. He states that the people often believe that the cure for loneliness is physical contact, when in reality it is much deeper than that. The author compares carnal desires to a form of energy. Devoting these desires to perform other activities such as gardening, cooking, meditating or spending time with friends and family can reap great benefits. The gist of How to Love is to practice every activity with mindfulness.


If you wish to learn more about amalgamating mindfulness with true love, then you can read short summaries of books available on various book summaries websites.


A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson


A Return to Love written by Marianne Williamson is a step-by-step guide to strengthen your relationships, job, and achieve contentment in life. It vividly talks about dropping all the ego and pride to embrace love. We are all eternally connected together with a bond of true love or higher power/ God but we forget about it due to the involvement of fear in our life. But surrendering oneself to this higher power by eliminating all ego, self-pride and fears can provide ultimate comfort and guidance.


God’s grace or surrendering to higher power work remarkably in favour of your relationships. When you allow God to guide you, he will either heal your relationship with that person or will give you the strength to heal yourself. Empathy and compassion towards the people you love or have loved before can offer salvation and break the cycle of misery.


This concept of A Return to Love also applies to one’s career. A person chooses a career as per their skills, interests or the amount of money they aspire to earn. But the author believes if they surrender their working life or career to God, then he will clearly reveal which career option is perfectly suitable to them as per their talents, and skills. And most importantly the way in which they can add value to the world. You can refer to the websites that summarize books if you wish to learn more about devoting yourself to the higher power.


The author wants his readers to begin the day by asking God to provide right opportunities throughout the day. He also wants his readers to remember that true love can be found by surrendering oneself to the higher power and then letting that higher power navigate you through life.


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