Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock: Get To Know The Full Story


If you’ve not heard the news of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, then my friend, you’re seriously living under a rock. But well! in all fairness, then it can happen with the best of us. No, we’re not talking about the slap but missing Oscars. 

We have covered the top news right here if you’re one of those. Let’s go and check it out.

Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock: Full Story

Chris Rock was laughing hilariously at his joke along with the audience, and at the exact moment, we’re watching Will Smith slowly getting up from his seat. In the next few moments, we’ve witnessed what seems quite frankly another one of the pranks we’re used to seeing. 

BAM! There it was, a hard tight slap on Chris Rock’s face from the man himself, Will Smith. The audience is simply in shock and what seemed like a roar of laughter suddenly turned into curious eyes searching for the reason. 

Wait! What just happened. 

In the next few moments, we’ve seen Chris Rock making some nonsense talk about some or other thing and Smith roaring at him.

What is happening?

Well! That’s what happened at this year’s Oscar, and if you want to watch a full video of the event, you can by clicking the video link above. 

What Happened Behind The Stage? 

In his Academy Awards monologue, Chris Rock started a joke on Will’s Wife, which was not received well on her side. While everyone was laughing, she was not happy and was seen rolling her eyes on that. 

At this point, Will got up and slapped Chris and created what Rock quoted as ‘The Greatest Moment in television history.’

To tell you the whole story, his wife, Jada Pinkett Smit, suffers from Alopecia, a disease related to hair fall. She came ope about it during 2018 when it first happened, and Chris Rock’s joke ended up hearting her in some way related to her conditions. 

Later on, a couple of actresses and famous names such as Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, Nicole Kidman, and more took Will and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, to a corner for talking. It all happened during the commercial break between the awards’ live broadcast. 

Will Smith’s Reply On The Podium

Moreover, Will also got his first Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in King Richard. It was a movie about the Tennis duo of sister Serena and Venus Williams and their father, where he played the role of later. 

He got emotional during his acceptance speech and quoted that King Richard was a fierce father and defended his family at all costs. He also mentioned that people would come at him in the business he’s in, disregarding his emotions, and will take a plunge at him and his family. While at all this, he’s expected to sit and smile through it all. We assume that he was suggesting that he made a defensive gesture towards his family by what he did.

Moreover, he also apologized to Oscard officials and requested that he may be allowed for the following year.

We don’t know about any formal complaints of physical assault from Chris Rock against Smith. But it could happen pretty soon if he wished to. 

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Well! How do you like the coverage of the whole story? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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