Why Momos are Not the best choice for our Health?

The following are a couple of justifications for why momos may be viewed as possibly dangerous:


Momos are the most popular street foods in India and we know how much we drool even with a thought of it. Momos are one of the most go to streets foods of North India especially. And every north Indian hogs onto momos at first when they come back from any part of the world to Delhi.

For those of who don’t know what Momos are, momos are a kind of dumpling local to Tibetan and Nepalese cooking. Well, how much we love them does not change the reality of their composition and its affect on our health.Momos are not innately damaging to wellbeing. Nonetheless, worries about their security might emerge because of specific variables connected with their arrangement and taking care of.


The following are a couple of justifications for why momos may be viewed as possibly dangerous:


Cleanliness issues

The conditions in which momos are prepared are one of the major reasons of our health issues.On the off chance that momos are ready and taken care of in unhygienic circumstances, there is a gamble of tainting with destructive microorganisms, infections, or parasites. Unfortunate cleanliness during the cooking system or the utilization of debased fixings can prompt foodborne sicknesses.

Crude or half-cooked fillings

Some momo recipes include crude or half-cooked meat fillings. Consuming half-cooked meat represents a gamble of bacterial contaminations, like salmonella or E. coli. It’s vital to guarantee that the meat is completely cooked to kill any likely microorganisms.

Nature of fixings

The nature of the fixings utilized in momo arrangement is essential. If inferior quality or ruined fixings are utilized, it can prompt foodborne diseases. New and great fixings ought to be decided to guarantee the wellbeing of the dish.


Cross-defilement can happen on the off chance that appropriate food dealing with rehearses are not followed. For instance, involving similar cutting board or blade for both crude meat and vegetables without legitimate cleaning can prompt the exchange of hurtful microorganisms.

To appreciate momos securely, it’s fundamental to focus on great cleanliness works on during food arrangement, utilize new and top notch fixings, and guarantee that meat fillings are entirely cooked. In the event that you’re buying momos from an eatery or road merchant, pick foundations with a standing for keeping up with high food handling guidelines.

White Flour

Maida or white flour is always not healthy for the body which most of the times is cause of obesity or food poisoning. It is advised to eat from places which provides whole wheat momos or multigrain momos or you can always prepare them at home.


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