WhatsApp New ‘Third Blue Tick’ Feature, Is Government Really Going To Read Your WhatsApp Chats?

Blue tick

If you have been bombarded with the news of a third ‘Blue Tick’ being added to the WhatsApp chats as a new feature then be warned as it’s very much fake news. No! We’re not claiming that but WhatsApp does itself to steer its users clear of any misguided actions and misinformation.

Blue tick

Now, the news of the third blue tick started to surface after WhatsApp filed a lawsuit against the Indian government in which they claimed that with the new IT rules, the privacy of its users is at stake.

The reason being that if the rules are implemented then the Government would be able to easily trace the conversations and it would hurt their end-to-end privacy model, which they are known for.

During this time when there’s a cold war going in between the Government and the Facebook Group after the threat of ban for social media sites is announced, the notorious crowd of WhatsApp went into action. Without wasting a living second of their life, they came prepared with news that’s time-specific and believable.

Now, WhatsApp has warned its users not to be misguided with any such fake news and only trust official forums such as when WhatsApp or a trusted source is behind the information.

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Currently, if we talk about the ‘Blue Tick’ system then the first tick which is grey in color means that the message has been sent from your end. The second grey tick denotes that the message has been delivered to the receiver’s end. Finally, when both the grey tick turns blue, it signifies that the receiver has read your messages.

Now, according to the fake news,  the role of the third blue tick was that it would denote if the message is being delivered and read by the government or any third party regulator as well. It is advised for you to not believe any such news and encourage others to do the same.

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