WhatsApp Coming Up With a New Look, Here’s What’s Changing

WhatsApp Coming Up With a New Look, Here's What's Changing

WABetaInfo, one of the most prominent sources for getting updates and hacks about the popular messaging app, WhatsApp has released new information about the upcoming design changes.

WhatsApp Coming Up With a New Look, Here's What's Changing

Now, this is not a major design upgrade but will give quite a new look and modern material appeal to the messaging app’s overall look.

Now, if you’re wondering what the change is then here it is. Remember the separator line present between all your chat dialogue boxes? Well! It’s soon to be removed.

The WhatsApp home page that is also the screen where all the chats are present is going to look more sleek and close to the material approach with this one removal.

It is already rolling out to the Android users present on the Beta program and will soon pop up for the global user base as well.

If you wish to check then you can go and join their beta program by joining in through Google Play’s WhatsApp page.

This might not affect the overall experience in any major way but well! From the very start, WhatsApp is not a company that is known for bringing drastic changes but rather small ones.

This has been their USP and that’s why they are one of the best IM platforms globally. Such simple that even an old person can do video calls and such useful that you can send payments and pinpoint locations when needed to.

So, well! That’s pretty much about the upcoming update and we expect it to be released soon enough. And moving on, we’d like to say that apart from the clash of privacy policies, it is one of the best apps that have been created in the social domain.

If Facebook would not be hosting the platform, maybe it would be better as termed by many experts. Well! It’s pretty good even now as they are rigid with their being simple policy and we hope at least that does not change with any upcoming upgrade.


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