Hairstyles for men inspired by Allu Arjun, Virat Kohli, John Abraham, MS Dhoni & Others

Pompadour hairstyle: tall and voluminous at front, reduces towards back.

Virat Kohli Pompadour hairstyle:

Gradual transition from longer hair on top to shorter, blended hair on sides and back.

Shahid Kapoor Fade Haircut

This is defined as strands that extend past the shoulders, with options to choose mid-back length or grow it even longer to tailbone length.

Allu Arjun Long Hair

A buzz cut is a hairstyle that can be achieved solely with clippers, without the need for scissors.

Nick Jonas Buzz Cut

Short men's/boys' haircut like buzz cut, bristle-like hair close to scalp.

John Abraham Crew Cut

Short and spiky hair is a popular and easy hairstyle that is both timeless and effortless.

SRK Spiky Hair

Quiff: "Long on top, short on sides" haircut. Frontal hair is voluminous, combed or brushed back with messy flair

Virat Kohli Quiff hair

Faux hawk - edgy hairstyle with shorter sides and longer hair on the top, styled to create a central crest-like point.

MS Dhoni Faux hawk

Golden streaks typically refer to hair that has been highlighted or dyed to have sections of golden blonde color.

MS Dhoni Golden Streaks

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