Martin Scorsese's Gangster Thrillers: Top 7 Must-Watch Films

Dive into 7 enthralling gangster thriller films directed by Martin Scorsese. Experience gripping crime and drama stories.

A classic mobster epic depicting the rise and fall of Henry Hill.

1) Goodfellas

A gripping crime drama featuring undercover cops and mob informants.

2) The Departed

A tale of power, greed, and deception set in the world of Las Vegas casinos.

3) Casino

A psychological thriller following an unstable Vietnam War veteran.

4) Taxi Driver

Scorsese's early masterpiece exploring the lives of small-time gangsters.

5) Mean Streets

A historical drama portraying gang warfare in 19th-century New York.

6) Gangs of New York

A sprawling saga of organized crime spanning decades, with a star-studded cast.

7) The Irishman

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