Turn Your Normal Device Into a Smart One Using Amazon Smart Plug, Now Available in India


Amazon Smart Plug which were launched back in 2018 is now going to be made available for Indian consumers as well. Yes! Amazon made the device available on its Indian website and is now available for purchase through the same.

But why a simple plug is stealing all the limelight? Well! This is a fairly good question and to answer that we can say that using this plug, you can make any of your devices into a smart one, let us explain how.

Turn Your Normal Device Into a Smart One Using Amazon Smart Plug

The Amazon Smart Plug is acting simply as a buffer between power output reaching your devices. And instead of connecting the device directly into a normal wall socket, you input this smart plugin between so that you can control how to make the device work.

Up until this point, all you can do with the smart plug is switch on/off the devices. And it works using Alexa Assistant, Home speaker, or Echodot setup.

So, if you ever wondered while watching a foreign YouTuber’s vlog that how they’re controlling their home devices such as TV, fans, and even toaster with Alexa, then this is how they were doing it. All by the courtesy of Amazon’s very own Smart Plugs.

They can be paired with Android, iOS, fireOS, and of course! with Alexa assistant based devices.

The only downside to the plugs is that they cannot be clubbed with big appliances such as Air conditioners or Geysers. As the plugs are made to be used to buffer fewer power sources items and would blow up if they’re attached to such heavy appliances which might result in the fatality of the device as well.

The Amazon Smart plug can take up a load of 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz, and maximum 6A. While if the product becomes faulty, it does come up with a year-long warranty.

The starting price for the plug is Rs 1,999. At Rs 4,498, the plug can be paired with Echo Dot, while it can go along with an Echo DOt with Clock at a cost of Rs 5,498.

The setup is simple as well and all you have to do is open up the Alexa app. It’ll start to show a notification that ‘ A New Plug is Found’ and you connect to that. Boom! you have a new plug connected and affiliate any device that you would want to run using that plug now.

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It is only available in white color as of now and can for using the plug for the first time you have to call out “Alexa, turn on First Plug”. Later on, you can rename the plug with the name of the device attached.

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