Truecaller features: 4 easy steps to do voice recording on android mobiles

Truecaller features on android phones

Truecaller, a popular caller ID software, released version 12 of the application on android phones. The new app offers a revised UI as well as new capabilities such as video caller ID, audio recording, and more. One of the most important Truecaller features of the new update is the availability of free call recording. It enables users to keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls.

 Which devices can enjoy new Truecaller features?

Truecaller just added a call recording function to its basic account. Previously, it was only available to VIP customers. Calls can now be recorded by individuals who use the version for free. However, if your device isn’t running Android 5.1 or later, you won’t be able to see this function.

Is it safe to record voice calls on the Truecaller application?

Truecaller enables people to actively record calls and also has an auto-record capability. While most new phones provide the ability to record calls, individuals who do not have this capability can depend on this third-party app. According to the provider, it never saves your recorded phone calls, and they are also never transferred to Truecaller databases.

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How to enable the latest call recording feature on your android devices?

latest call recording features on your android devices

The new call recording option may come in handy if you want to protect yourself against scams and harassing callers. The call recording option is not immediately evident, and it requires a few steps to utilize.

  • Just go to your device’s Settings app and then to Accessibility on your option
  • In the Downloaded Apps area, look for the Truecaller Call Recording function. All you have to do is click on it to activate it.
  • In the app’s menu bar, you should now see the call recording feature.
  • Once you’ve tapped it, simply touch the Set-up button once. To use this feature, you must grant the Truecaller app a few rights. After that, you’re ready to go. You have the option of manually recording all of the calls.

How to Set Up Auto-Recording for Phone Calls?

The auto-record option is preferable to manually set the recording capability for each call because there is no way to view the record if you forget to switch on the option.

When you’re finished with the configuration, you’ll see a settings button in the Call Recording area. Simply press it to activate the auto-record feature. According to the latest Truecaller features, once you activate this option, the software will automatically record conversations and you will not have to do anything further.

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