Exclusive leaks: iOS 16 to Possibly bring four changes to Apple devices

iOS 16 changes for Apple devices

Apple’s Developers Conference is scheduled to take place in June 2022, and the speculations for the event are already setting the internet on fire. The buzz is that Apple will reveal iOS 16, which will officially be launched alongside iPhone 14 in September. Key features and details about the latest operating system are expected to be revealed at the conference. It is almost confirmed that iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 will be among the Apple devices to receive an iOS 16 update. In the latest leaks, iOS 16 is assumed to bring a few significant changes that will impact the Apple customers’ overall user experience.

Here are the changes iOS 16 is about to bring to iPhones:

1- Interaction alterations

iOS 16 changes interaction

Apple is developing new ways of interacting, but it is not clear whether the interaction is supposed to be between Apple’s AI and users or between humans. Even though not much is known, it is an exciting feature to look forward to at the developer’s conference.

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2- New Apps

Apple is supposedly going to announce new applications which will change the way people use Apple devices. These new apps will aim to revolutionise the various aspects of the device.

3- Health features

iOS 16

Apple is adding more features to its health-related functions. The American smartphone maker is expected to bring new health-tracking enhancements. There is also a rumour doing rounds that Apple is working on a technology that will automatically send SOS if an Apple user is injured or involved in an accident.

4- Apple music changes

Apple is working to bring a classical music app to its devices, which will complement the primary Apple music app. The pricing and subscription details for the app are not known yet.

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