Top 10 People with Highest IQ in India in 2023

List of Indian students with the highest IQs


India is home to some of the world’s most brilliant minds, people who have made their mark with unmatched intelligence and desire. India’s sharpest minds are a true testament to how far tenacity and a desire to learn can take someone. A total score obtained from a series of standardized tests or subtests created to gauge human intelligence is known as an intelligence quotient (IQ). The psychologist William Stern created the abbreviation “IQ” for the German term Intelligenzquotient, which is his phrase for a scoring system for intelligence tests.

A person’s IQ was determined by dividing their mental age score, which was determined by giving them an intelligence test, by their chronological age, which was also stated in years and months.IQ tests are used to determine student placement, diagnose intellectual disabilities, and assess job candidates. They have been investigated in research contexts as potential income and job performance predictors. So here is the list of the people with the Highest IQ in India in 2023

People with the Highest IQ in India in 2023

1. Akrit Jaswal 

Top 10 People with Highest IQ in India in 2023

In 1993, Akrit Jaswal was born. At age 7, he was the youngest doctor and university student in India. Akrit attends Punjab University in Chandigarh to study applied chemistry. His objective is to eradicate cancer. He had an IQ score of 146 at the age of 12.

2.  Neha Ramu

Top 10 People with Highest IQ in India in 2023

Neha Ramu, 12, was born in Bangalore and relocated to the UK when she was seven years old. She gained notoriety for scoring 162 on a Mensa IQ test administered in the UK. The test was challenging for her, but she was delighted with the results.

3. Vishalini

Top 10 People with Highest IQ in India in 2023

She has surpassed Kim Ung-Yong’s IQ record of 210. When she was ten years old, a girl from Tamil Nadu earned 90 per cent on the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam. Vishalini receives offers from engineering schools, but her father wants her to first enjoy her youth.

4. Dhruvang Mehta

Dhruvang Mehta is a wonderful person with an exceptional IQ of 205, according to the RAPM scale. It is incredibly admirable and inspirational that he is so driven to earn his Electrical Engineering degree and change the world! Unquestionably, Dhruvang Mehta stands out as one of India’s brightest minds and is an inspiration to everybody.

5. Abhay Goel

Abhay Goel is a unique individual with a high RAPM IQ of 175 points. He has established a reputation for himself in the engineering profession and has received numerous awards for his exceptional intelligence. He was driven by his outstanding aptitude to pursue higher education in engineering, which he still does now along with making significant contributions to society.

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6. Vibha Agarwal

A wonderful woman named Vibha Agarwal has an unequalled IQ of 180 on the RAPM scale. She is well-known in her field and has received numerous honours for her outstanding intellect. Vibha’s pursuit of a law degree is an example of how her unrelenting brilliance has inspired others and gained her international fame. 

7. Tushar Khandelwal

Tushar Khandelwal is a titan in the realm of physics, boasting a mind-blowing IQ of 200 on the RAPM scale. He has received praise and acclaim on a global scale for his outstanding intellect, an accomplishment unmatched by most people his age! Not only that, but he also keeps advancing civilization through his theoretical physics research.

8. Sanjana Chaudhary

Sanjana Chaudhary is a shining star in the intellectual community, with an unmatched IQ of 198 on the RAPM scale. She has achieved incredible heights as a medical practitioner and is continuing to deepen her understanding through courses in medicine. Her extraordinary skills have been praised widely. 

9. Advait Jain

Advait Jain is a remarkable individual with a startling RAPM IQ score of 185. He has significantly improved economics, and people all around the world admire him for his extraordinary intelligence. Advait continues to do well in school and is now pursuing a master’s degree in economics while simultaneously making a difference in society.

10. Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma, who attained a remarkable IQ of 190 on the RAPM scale, is a true monument to intelligence and tenacity. He is now recognized internationally for his exceptional achievements in computer science, which have made him one of India’s brightest minds. 


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