Top 10 hottest actresses in Saudi Arabia in 2022


A unique sense of curiosity arises when you hear the phrase hottest actresses in Saudi Arabia, doesn’t it?


Because Women in the Arab countries have fought long and hard battles to enjoy even fundamental human rights and privileges.

With the fast-changing world, women in Saudi Arabia have evolved as well. They are coming out from every sphere to stand in front of revolutions in the international sphere. Flickonclick celebrates this success and brings the list of 10 hot actresses in Saudi Arabia who broke away from the stereotypes to make ground-breaking changes and events in motion.


Here are the 10 hottest actresses in Saudi Arabia:


1- Waad Mohammed

hottest actress

The charming 22 year old was part of the revolutionary Saudi Arabian movie Wadjda. She played the protagonist as a 9-year-old in Saudi Arabia’s first feature-length movie and paved the way for other actresses to break the stereotypes. Waad’s innocence and pure nature make her one of the most desirable Saudi Arabian actresses.


2- Mila Al Zahrani


She is a gorgeous and versatile actress known for her impeccable acting skills. She has starred in several hit series and movies, including Boxing Girls (2018), The Fate Hotel (2021), and Cello (2022). Zahrani was also nominated for an award at Venice Film Festival for her role in The Perfect Candidate (2019). Her mesmerizing looks sway the hearts of millions of fans.


3- Nermin Mohsen


Nermin Mohsen is known as one of the hottest actresses in Saudi Arabia. She occupies the third spot on the list due to her ability to leave a long-lasting impact on viewers’ minds. She has played notable roles in Witty Anisa, Abu Janty, Mirrors, Wi-Fi, and many other films and series.

4- Elham Ali


A perfect blend of hot, bold, and beautiful, Elham Ali is perhaps the sexiest actress in Saudi Arabia in 2022. She has over 1 million Instagram die-hard fans who are crazy for their favorite actress. Her role in the thriller Bibi (2017) has earned her numerous nominations and accolades.


5- Dina Shihabi

dina hottest actresses

Dina Shihhabi rightfully takes the 5th spot in the list of hottest actresses in Saudi Arabia. Shihabi’s keen interest in acting was identified by her school teacher, who encouraged her to pursue an acting career. Shihabi moved to United Stated to realize her dreams, and Netflix has cast her in the second installment of the popular series Altered Carbon.


6- Sumaya Rida

sumaya rida hottest actresses

A trailblazer in the Saudi Arabian film industry, Sumaya Rida is a sight to behold. She has a calming and tranquil aura that makes her all the more beautiful and hot. She has starred in several hit shows and movies, including the hit thriller series Rashash (2021).


7- Ahd Kamel

ahd kamel

Ahd Kamel came to the limelight with her role in BBC Two’s Collateral. She has also directed and acted in two award-winning short films. And is an actress with both beauty and brains. Fans love and adore her endearing and compassionate personality. She is also the part of recently released Amazon movie- All the Old Knives.


8- Reem Abdullah


Known for her roles in the television series Tash Ma Tash (2017) and the BAFTA-nominated film, Wadjda, Reem Abdullah is one of the most popular and hottest actresses in Saudi Arabia. She is health conscious and follows a strict diet plan which explains her over-the-top fitness.


9- Khairia Abu Laban

khairia hottest actresses

Kahiria Abu Laban sits comfortably at the 9th position in the list of hottest actresses in Saudi Arabia. This Arabic beauty has more than 600k Insta followers, which easily explains her popularity. She is best known for her mind-blowing performance in the web series Teki (2012).


10- Aiysha Hart

ayisha hart hottest actresses

A British-Saudi actress, Ayisha Hart, has killed it in the west with her famous roles in the hit series Line of Duty and Atlantis. Hart has a Saudi Arabian father and a British mother and grew up between her parents’ countries. She has established herself as an artist with skills and is regularly featured in various movies and series.



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