Top 10 Hindi Horror Web Series to Watch on OTT Platforms

Best Hindi Horror Web Series to Watch online


Are you a fan of spine-chilling stories and Horror Web Series? There are just a few horror web series accessible in Hindi on OTT platforms, and they are practically impossible to find online. Although there aren’t many horror programs accessible, the ones that are on Netflix, Zee5, and other digital streaming platforms will undoubtedly make you dread your life. It is an astonishing experience in and of itself to watch the finest Indian horror web series. 

Top Hindi Horror Web Series to Watch

The Indian public has long enjoyed horror films and web series, and this tendency has only gotten stronger in recent years with the introduction of internet streaming services. The list is extensive and includes everything from classic Bollywood horror flicks to modern horror comedies and chilling web series. Here is the list of Hindi Horror Web Series to Watch on OTT Platforms.


Hindi Horror Web Series to Watch on OTT Platforms

1. Castle Rock

The movie “Castle Rock” is based on the Stephen King book of the same name. The characters, settings, and themes of the American psychological horror television series Castle Rock were all inspired by the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine. 

OTT: Just Watch

2. Sweet Home

After being forced to leave his home due to an unexpected family tragedy, Cha Hyun-soo moves into an apartment. Soon after that, monsters begin to emerge. The people living in the flat are trapped inside the building when they discover that monsters are lurking everywhere outside. In an effort to last as long as they can, Hyun Su and the other residents of the building barricade themselves there.

OTT: Netflix

3. The Stand

After a man-made plague wipes out all life on earth, the survivors engage in a battle of biblical proportions. The destiny of mankind rests with Mother Abagail, 108, and the few survivors. Their darkest fears are represented by Randall Flagg, the malevolent Dark Guy, a man with a lethal smile and supernatural abilities. 

OTT: Just Watch

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4. Them

‘Them’ is a 1953 drama that follows a black family as they move from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood during the Second Great Migration. The family’s idyllic house progressively turns into the target of demonic, paranormal, and next-door forces that pose a danger to follow them about, ravage them, and murder them.

OTT: Just Watch

5. The Terror

In 1845, Captain John Franklin led two ships on an exploratory journey from Britain. After three years, both vanished in the Arctic.  For historians, the only sources are occasional Inuit tales, a few misplaced letters, and the remains of ill and half-devoured corpses. Although this is all but certain, the sailors’ predicament was frightening and their deaths were horrible.

OTT: Just Watch

6. Fear the Walking Dead

The drama, which is based on a comic book series, is about a family who encounters the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. The story is told by Madison Clark, a guidance counselor at a high school. While maintaining her post-apocalyptic romance with English instructor Travis Manawa, the grieving mother is responsible for raising two children on her own.

OTT: Hulu 

7. Dracula

A count The mythos of Dracula is changed by new tales that describe the vampire’s heinous deeds and expose his fragility. The story follows Dracula from his early years in Eastern Europe through his fights with Van Helsing’s successors and beyond.

OTT: Netflix

8. V-Wars

In “V-Wars,” a doctor and scientist named Luther Swann and his closest buddy Michael Fayne deal with the dilemma of a lethal pandemic. It separates society into competing factions and might ultimately result in bloodshed between vampires and humans.

OTT: Just Watch

9. Ghoul 

A new prisoner in a military detention facility shocks the interrogators’ whole world because he appears to be under the grip of a supernatural force. Young interrogator Nida, who is driven to unravel the mystery, discovers that the new prisoner is under the control of a ghoul. The subsequent shocking and scary occurrences will frighten you. 

OTT: Netflix

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10. Bhram

Bhram is a web series that will keep you interested and fascinated with its compelling plot that ups the excitement and terror with every new episode. It is one of the finest psychological thriller horror programs ever produced in India. The PTSD-afflicted woman who is passionate about disclosing sinister hidden facts is the focus of the Hindi horror web series.



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